Another teriffic radio show yesterday!

With one difference.

Normally I speak of many things. Sort of hit and run. Keep everything short and lively.

I could not do that yesterday. Current legal events control. This past week was loaded with major events that had or would have a major legal impact. The oil spill, immigration and financial reform. Each required a little more explanation and exploration.

There was so much material that I never got to everything I wanted to talk about. I was especially disappointed that I could not share my findings on U.S. laws affecting slave ships, John Newton and Amazing Grace. The three are tied together. Next week.

There was a meeting scheduled immediately after the radio show. Guy, Larry and I discussed the variety show concept Larry has. Not sure where all this is going. We shall see.

Started my evening with the Chart Room, as usual.

Susan the new bartender is doing great! A natural at the job! A pro!

Notice that I refer to Donna as a bartender and not a barmaid. A couple of years ago there was another Donna bartending at the Chart Room. I used to refer to her as a barmaid. She took offense. Said she was a bartender! So bartender it is. Must have to do with equal rights.

I had dinner at the Pier House deck. A pleasant place for outside dining.

Lynda and Bob Frechette were nearby.

The Wine Galley is immediately off the outside deck at the Pier House. It is Larry Smith’s room. He has entertained there for years.

So inside I went after dinner.

Larry was playing and singing. Pepe was on the drums. Mary Deasy was in the audience and sang a few numbers.

Gigi wa there as a spectator also. Gigi is part of this Larry Smith variety show that is still in the conceptual stage. She and I will be participating in it together.

Gigi is only 26. Worldly however. Tall, thin and beautiful. A professional model from her teens to last year. Worked in New York, Paris and London. Big time! Got tired with it all last year. Moved to Key West for a new life.

Met Don Burns. An author. Has published several books. The most recent Stuff to Spy For. He has a book signing at Borders today at 1. Stop in. You will find Don and his book interesting.

Don is no stranger to Key West. He is out of Tampa. Used to be in the advertising business. One of his accounts was Key West Aloe. He is good friends with Frank Romano.

Larry introduced me to the audience. He asked me to share some of the dumb weird laws I had talked about earlier in the day on the radio show. A good thing I no longer drink! I could not have handled it if I did.

I told the group about the Illinois chicken law that prohibits a rooster from crowing within 300 feet of a house. My question, which the audience picked up on immediately, was how can the rooster read the law so he would know how to conduct himself.

The other strange legal tidbit I shared with them was the Illinois law which prohibits mosquitos from flying over and through a particular town. Again how would the mosquitos know and understand the prohibition so as to comply with it.

Afterwards one of the guests came up to chat with me. I apologize for not recalling his name. Think it was Larry also.

Anyhow, he was originally from Canada and now works in Louisiana. He will be retiring next year and moving back to Canada.

He shared with me a law that was passed in some Canadian community several years ago.

Homeowners were permitted to keep hens on their property. However roosters were prohibited. The purpose of the law was to encourage egg production.

The question he raised, and I am sure you have it already, was how could the hens make eggs if there were no roosters!

Strange laws all over the place!

The Kentucky derby today!

I enjoy horse racing. I am not a bettor. Not even a gambler of any sort. I respect money too much. I had to work hard to make it.

I enjoy the beauty of a race horse, however. What an animal!

TV tells us it is going to be a wet rainy Derby. Too bad. Not fair. Means much of the training was for naught. A muddy track generally results in an unexpected winner.

I probably will watch the race at Don’s Place. He has a party starting at 4. I watched there last year. Fun! Food and drink. The ladies in their bonnets.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis, as I am sure others have pointed out, Hens lay eggs regardless of the presence or absence of Roosters. You only need the Rooster if you want a fertilized egg.
    Long time reader from Toronto, Canada.

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