Busy day yesterday!

I spent the first 6 hours doing paper work. I was on a roll! And then, boom! It all stopped! I ran into a computer problem.

My work day was ended. I needed Corey and could not see him tll after 5.

Lisa and the grandkids showed up. Swimming time. They love it!

The big news of the day was Montessori and Robert.

Robert has been going to pre school and kindergarden at Montessori the past 3 years. He is ready for first grade.

Would he be able to attend Montessori? A great educational facility from what I can determine. Many want their children to go to Montessori. There is a limited capacity, however. Only about one third that apply are admitted.

Who goes is determined by lottery. Just like the Florida lottery. A ball system.

The parents gathered yesterday afternoon for the lottery drawing at Montessori. Robert’s number was 22. The first number that rolled out was 22! Robert was in!

Lisa said she yelled and cried.

I have been associated with some of the older Montessori students. Smart! Whatever the school does, it seems to do it well. I am excited that Robert will be attending Montessori for what in effect will be his grammmar school education.

Ally will be in kindergarden this year. She will not have to participate in the lottery next year. She benefits from her brother’s acceptance. If one in the family gets in, all the siblings follow.

I met Corey at 5 at his home. In less than 5 minutes, he had my computer problem resolved. It was me. Not the machine.

I was off to the Chart Room after leaving Corey.

Sean and Katherine at the bar. Sean a local reporter and Katherine in management at the Ocean Key House.

They recently moved from a small noisy apartment on Duval to a condominium in Truman Annex. A big move! A big jump! They now reside with the hoity toity of Key West. I say that in a complimentary fashion.

They are both excited about the move.

About a week ago, Robert from New Orleans wrote me. He is 23 and a recent college graduate. His girl friend graduates soon from college. They want to move to Key West to live and work. He asked me for information as to where to live and where to seek employment.

I am not the one to respond. Sean is. He and Katherine are 25 or less. They moved here after graduating from the University of Mississippi. They found jobs and a place(s) to live. And they are in the same age bracket as Robert.

So Robert, communicate directly with Sean. I told him about you and he is happy to offer advice. His e mail is skinney@keynoter.com.

I met David and Rebecca at the bar. Friends of Sean. David is a reporter also.

David and Rebecca are married and live in Sarasota. Rebecca is a nurse anesthesist. Interesting work. David is now a reporter with the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

They were going to Taste of Key West last night. All excited.

Captain Peter came in. He was disgruntled. Complaining of La Te Da. He had breakfast there Saturday morning. Eggs benedict. Excellent! Coffee, also. They charged him $4.50 for the coffee. Outrageous from his perspective! Half the cost of the eggs benedict. He complained, but to no avail.

I reminded Peter that we had a similar conversation several months ago about MacDonalds.

MacDonalds has $1 burger sales. But the soda costs $2 plus.

Peter is correct. Some things are a rip off. But that is the way it is. He should not drink coffee or soda. Then he would not get upset. Water is free.

The last time I ate at Outback, they had a new menu. Some items are marked “500 calories.” One is salmon. I love salmon. So I thought I would try the meal last night.

Glad I went to Outbacks! Ran into several friends.

Mick Barnes and his wife were there. Mick is one of Key West’s premier attorneys. The $8 million result he got in the Duck Boat case speaks for itself.

Mick is presently on trial in Tavernier. He returned last night to have dinner with his wife. They will be married forever if he continues to do things like that. Tavernier is quite a hike up the keys.

I was wondering where Marty was. I have not heard from him in a while. He is in Tavernier. Taking Mick’s trial. Marty is a court stenographer. He was sleeping in Tavernier last night. He has no wife in Key West to return to.

While I was sitting at the bar, Adare came in and sat next to me. Adare from the meeting at Larry Smith’s last Saturday.

Adare is a retired auto manufacturer from South Bend, Indiana. Born and raised in South Bend. Typical Indiana type person. Like Corey. A nice person. He appears to be good people.

He retired to Key West 10 years ago and became a personal trainer.

Adare has the body of bodies! Taut and rippled. At 64, he looks 34!

The salmon was excellent. A healthy meal. Salmon, steamed vegetables and a sweet baked potato. My cheat was a gob of butter on the potato.

I have more paper work this morning. I have no idea what I will be doing this afternoon and this evening. However, I assure you I will be in Key West time.

Enjoy your day!

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