My sleep pattern is getting screwed up.

I woke at 1 and read till 4. I had to read. Comcast off.

As a result, I slept late this morning.

Golf yesterday. An absolute pleasure!

I was hitting the ball long. Even off the tee. Putting an abomination, however. Missed several easy ones.

Such is life! Especially in golf. You correct one problem and then that which was OK goes array.

Played again with Tom, Yankee Jack and Tino.

Normally I play poorly and win a few dollars. Yesterday I played well and it cost me $9! You figure!

I also did not tire on the golf course yesterday. Perhaps the pills are working and my heart is getting stronger. I suspect my ejecton factor is better. I see the heart doctor next week and will know for certain.

Lisa and the grandkids were over again in the afternoon to swim in the pool. Fish! A joy!

I was laying around last night and trying to decide if I wanted to go out for dinner or eat in. Finally decided to go to Outbacks. Dinner at the bar with their TVs works for me. I also brought a newspaper with me.

A pleasant day overall. Golf the highlight of my day.

Tonight bocce.

By the way, please try to listen to my radio show tomorrow morning at 10. KONK 1500 AM in the keys. anywhere else in the world to see and hear. The Key West Lou Legal Hour will be a most intetresting one tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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