Since I got up and came downstairs to make coffee, it has gone from black to gray outside. The sun is making its move. In ten mimutes, I will be able to see it break over the horizon.

I am lucky to live in Key West where such a visual experience is available each day.

My day time yesterday was spent preparing for friday’s radio show. It took all day! I went from nothing to more than I need. Better over prepared than under. I always worry about the day I will run out of material and still have 10 minutes of show time left.

Great topics!

Rape. Yes, rape. Women are still under respected in our society. This is an issue which requires further analysis. You will be surprised how poorly the law handles rape cases and why.

Other issues will include an update on California’s attempt to legalize marijuana, the still locked Key West Police Station, the pending U.S. Supreme Court nomination, the homeless, Maine weird dumb laws, further Acevedo fall out, a bit about Presidents Reagan and Nixon, this Confederate history mnonth thing in Virginia and Mississippi, careers in the legal field and the U.S. Supreme Court and clean drinking water.

Decidedly an hour full of material to be heard.

Listen in at 10 friday morning on KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, listen and watch on the internet at

On the way out on the town last night I stopped at Lisa’s. The whole family had just returned home from Miami.

A routine trip to Miami Children’s Hospital for them.

You will recall that my grandson Robert, now 5, was born with cancer of the liver. Very uncommon. People are not born with cancer. It is an after birth acquired problem

Anyhow, Robert had two major surgeries in the first 8 days of his life. Both at Miami Children’s Hospital. He recovered. There is no present problem. And hopefully never again a problem.

However, Robert must be checked frequently as a result. To be sure. And as a study case. His problem was that unique.

The hospital visits initially were once a month. Then once every three months. Now every six months.

It has become a family game.

They all load into the van. Corey, Lisa, Robert and Ally. Games. It is a 4 hour trip each way.
On the return, they stop at Targets in Miami to get the kids something. Robert and Ally look forward to Targets. And of course there is Wendys.

Robert is a pro at these check ups. He is proud he no longer cries. They take his blood, prod him, x ray him.

He gets a sucker from the staff aftrerwards. Ally gets one also.

I visited them on their return.

Robert and Ally were fine. Still juiced up. Lisa bordering on a wreck. She is always concerned with these visits. That they might find something. And then there is my poor son in law Corey. He was dead tired. Mostly from the 4 hour drive each way. Burdened also with thoughts similar to Lisa’s each trip.

Corey was on one computer. Lisa another. Robert was in the bath tub. And Ally was sitting on the toilet pooping in the same bathroom. Ally was crying out…..Mommy, come clean me!

A pictorial view of the modern family. Today’s All American family.

It was late. I stopped at La Trattoria for dinner. The bar was almost empty, though the restaurant was doing well. No question. The season is over.

Becha cheered me up. She always does!

Golf this morning. I need it! I don’t care how I play. I am looking forward to being out on the course with a good bunch of guys and enjoying myself.

By the way, guaranteed I will utter a few cuss words along the way to join with some of my bad shots. And every one I play with will do so also. It goes with the game. I know no one who does not occasionally let go after a bad shot.

My point. The media should get off Tiger Woods’ back. He’s human!

So he took the Lord’s name in vain. I have heard worse.

And don’t tell me Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus never did. They did, I am sure. However when they were playing those very sensitive large round hearing things were not on the golf course following a player. You can hear a pin drop from 100 feet away today!

Tiger may have promised to swear no more. Actually, I never knew he did that much. And I watch him all the time!

The guy cannot be expected to change his entire life. Even if he says he is going to. Just won’t work.

So Tiger Woods, go back to being what ever you were on the golf course before your very public fall from grace. Bed performance and course performance are two different things. One should be changed. The other not.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou –

    Hooray for Lisa. Good kid became a great mom. Sounds like she's enjoying life for what it really is. God Bless you all.

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