Another great Key West day in the making!

I seem to be buried in paper work lately. Spent all of yesterday morning catching up.

When so involved, I am not living in Key West time as my friend Howard Livingston would say.

It has been ages since I enjoyed a cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. Yesterday was the day! At Lucky Day. It is located on Bertha, just off Flagler.

Then to Walgreens. Needed prescription refills. I take 16 pills a day. Ergo, I am always at Walgreens.

The process is simple. I no longer have to order. The computer does it all. I merely wait in line for 10 minutes and then approach the counter. Give them my name. The computer coughs up my order and it is handed to me.

I received 3 prescription refills. Did not check the labels. Payed for them and left.

Two of the refills are no good. I cancelled them 2 weeks ago. The doctors are fine tuning my meds. Now I have to go back today to return them and get a refund. $60 some odd dollars involved. No problem, except time wise. This has happened before. It takes the store manager to reverse the order and return my money. Could take as long as a half hour. That bothers me!

The brunt of the afternoon was spent with Lisa and the grandkids. She brought them over to swim. With the weather turning to the good, this will now become a frequent thing.

There was a fly in the pool water. Ally went crazy. She would not go in till the fly was out.

I do not understand.

Ally is into spiders. Yes, spiders. She will pick them up with her fingers and bring them to you. But she will not go in the pool if a fly is in the water. Typical woman! Inexplicable.

Last night started as usual with the Chart Room.

Captain Peter and I had a long conversation. A most interesting one. I am a fallen away Catholic. Peter a fallen away Episcopalian. Peter is also British born and raised.

We talked of the Catholic Church, the Pope, confession and asking for God’s help and then forgetting his benevolence one week later.

Great exchanges. Many humorous, though heavy in content.

This is the second time in a week I have had a religious conversatin with some one. It is the Pope thing. People have an interest.

I was in the mood for meat loaf. Again. So it was over to the Sports Page Bar. Monday is meat loaf time there.

The Sports Page Bar is huge. The place was empty. Only six customers. More TV sets than customers.

Owner Patrick came over to say hello. He asked if I was happy with the Syracuse flag hanging nearby. Yes, I told him. Not only I, but also the many Syracuse fans who would be returning next year to the Sports Page to watch Syracuse basketball. I explained to Patrick how I keep in touch with many of them via the internet.

I have to work on my radio show today. The show is friday, only 3 days away. And I have not yet prepared one iota for it.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. hello im robert from new orleans and im thinking about relocating to key west. im 23 my girlfriend and i want to move january 2011 when she finishes school. want to rent on the water

    where should i live
    need jobs

    my middle name is louis by the way

  2. im trying to find a contact down there to help me plan out everything and to give good local insight.any help would be appreciated


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