Middle of the night. Can’t sleep.

So…..blog time!

Yesterday was a pleasant day.

Sunday, of course.

The morning TV news shows were terrific. Kept my attention.

Then a quick shower and I was off to a manicure. No manicure to be had. Tammy in Miami.

So it was the Coffee House. Spent a lot of time there. The Sunday New York times takes forever to read.

And many people to chat with in between pages.

Rock was there. Reading the New York Times, also. We talked a bit.

After he left, Jane came in. My new friend!

We talked a lot.

She is lovely. Dressed in flowing white. Short white cropped hair. Beads embracing her neck. And a constant cheery smile. Her words were cheery as well.

She had just come from Mass. She was surprised to learn I was Italian Catholic. Thought I was Jewish. It’s the nose and lips I told her.

We both explored our Catholic educations. And of course today’s Church.

A most interesting discourse.

Jane left and Gail came by. Only a quick hello. I have not seen her in a while.

Then to Publix. The cupboard bare again. I am better off with less food in the house. The less there is, the less I eat. Simple.

I spent the balance of the afternoon watching the Masters. A great win for Mickelson.

Tiger played lousy yesterday. And the day before. And yet, he only lost by 4 or 5 strokes. What a player!

I should play so bad!

Two things stood out.

The first was the Mickelson family image. His wife, mother and two young daughters were there. You will recall that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Two weeks later, his mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Mickelson took several months off to be with his wife during her time of tragedy and treatment.

Now yesterday the whole family was there to share in his moment of triumph. Lovely. Good for golf also. In sharp conrast to Woods’ situation.

I am neither judging nor adversarially reflecting on Woods. However the contrast was glaring.

I felt sorry for Woods. Sorry that his wife and children were not there. Sorry that he is having difficulties.

I also became aggravated with the stupid questioning of Woods by a reporter at the end of the round.

Woods had advised before the tournament that he was going to be kinder and gentler while playing. He never was bad. He just was within himself. Nothing wrong with that from my perspective. My golf game requires concentration. I can only imagine the degree required for professional play.

Anyhow, the reporter questioned Woods on why he lost his cool on a particular hole. Woods comment was to the effect…..lets not carry this thing too far…..I had 3 bad holes in a row where I hit bad shots…..then I hit a bad one on the fourth hole…..what do you expect?

I guess he uttered a bad word. Heard afterwards he took the Lord’s name in vain.

Get off the guy’s back! Human is human.

Last night was dinner at Lisa’s. Robert and Ally were in their usual rare form. Love ’em!

A good meal! Raviolis and chicken. Well done, Lisa!

I came home to bed to watch TV. No TV. The rainstorm had knocked out Comcast. So I read. Someone recently gave me a book called The Help. I started reading it. About the south in the 1950s. Interesting so far. Not sure yet where it is going.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis, You need more sleep get out walking again We just got back from 2 weeks on Maui, Hawaii. Good tan and saw lots of Whales jumping out of the ocean. Have a great day
    Bob Marks

  2. Hey Lou, love your blog. I moved to Key West about a month ago, and your entries give me ideas for restaurants and such to try out. Still haven't made it to the golf course…thats next on my list! Keep up the good work.

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