Hello World!

Welcome to Sunday!

It cannot be a better day. The sun is already shining. The temperature will be in the low 80s. Meet the Press at 9. The finals of the Masters this afternoon. And dinner with Lisa and the grandkids this evening.

Yesterday was an important and momentous day. My father’s birthday. He was 96!


And still living life!

My Mother passed on about 25 years ago. My Father lucked out 10 years ago when he met Frances. They have lived together the past 10 years.

Frances is very good to my Dad. Actually, they are fortunate to have found each other. She is about 25 years his junior. She takes very good care of him. She cares for him!

They live a normal existence. No assisted living required.

Old age seems to run in the family. My Dad is one of six children. Except for an uncle who died of a brain tumor, the rest lived into their 80s and 90s.

Only Dad and his sister Mary are still alive. Aunt Mary celebrated her 100th birthday last September.

My Father says he is going for it! Do it, Dad!

And Happy Birthday again!

Last night I tried a new restaurant. Azur. I am a creature of habit. This was uncommon for me.

Glad I did!

Azur is located in the middle of Old Town. Actually one block on the side steeet from my old favorite sandwich place Paradise Cafe.

The owner is a former chief chef at Antonia’s. About 3 years ago he took a shot at this own place. And opened Azur!

It was an instantaneous success! Seeing as how I am upset with Antonia’s, I should have tried it sooner. The preparation is the same.

The food is excellent! Outstanding!

I enjoyed gnocchis. I have not had gnocchis in about 2 years. Gnoccis is pasta made from potatoes.

Great for the diet!

Mine were suberb! Made with a mushroom sauce and a tint of garlic. Light to boot! Hard to believe, but not heavy at all.

The reason I opted to try Azur last night was Rock.

Rock is a fellow I sit next to occasionally at the Coffee House. We have become friends. He waits tables at Azur during the Key West season and Martha’s Vineyard during the summer. In addition, he teaches yoga on both islands.

A very personable guy.

I tried to watch the Blue Angels show from my bedroom terrace yesterday afternoon. The good part of the aerial show is immedialtely over Boca Chica which is 5 miles away. I could see it, but the planes were too far away and too small to really enjoy.

However the planes were not too small when they took their swings over my house to get into a new formation. They flew low. Right over my head. I thought I could touch them. They were that low. And the noise! Deafening!

I enjoyed my day yesterday. I hope you did yours.

May you enjoy today!

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