I spent yesterday morning working on friday’s radio show.

Some interesting topics.

Key West’s proposed nude beach. What a clamor has arisen! The homeless. Even the Key West Citizen has an interest. They did an editorial on the homeless this past sunday. Careers in the legal field for the non-lawyer. Booming! Lucrative! And, of course, weird dumb laws. This time from the home of the Final Four and Butler, Indiana. Strange ones!

Listen in friday at 10 in the morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Better still, watch and listen on the internet at http://www.konkam.com/.

A late lunch at Hogfish followed.

Hogfish in the early afternoon is a peaceful place. Few customers. Quiet.

I read the papers and enjoyed fish and chips. However I had them hold the chips and substitute a double order of cole slaw. I felt like Jack Nicholson!

Last night began as usual with the Chart Room. Primarily locals. The season is beginning to slide away.

Sean, Katherine, Che and Captain Peter. And lest I forget, Michael bartending.

Sean and Katherine have recently moved from a walk up off Duval to a condominium at Truman Annex. Big time! They were all excited. I was excited for them.

Sean and I had a big conversation on doctors and malpractice. Che joined in at one point. We also discussed some recent books we had read. Stimulating talk.

I was not that hungry. Yet hungry enough to eat something. So I opted for the Sports Page Bar.

The place was dead. So strange. March Madness is ended. The baseball season has begun. Not that much interest yet in baseball.

I had a fish sandwich and watched the Yankee/Boston game. The Yanks were winning by one when I left.

Chris was bartending. We have become friends. She was the bartender who ripped me a new one the night I came storming in and demanded to know which TV set was showing the Syracuse game. She put me in my place!

Chris is a lovely young lady. All young ladies are lovely. 32. From where, I cannot remember. She bartends 5 nights a week at the Sports Page. For the past 2 years. A charmer. Except when you are all over her as I was when first we met.

Golf this morning. I look forward to it. It is amazing how much I enjoy something I am lousy at.

Enjoy your day!

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