Busy day yesterday!

Started with golf.

Glorious weather to play! Absolutely perfect. Just warm enough. A tinge of wind. No humidiity.

I played with Tom, Yankee Jack and Tino. Good guys all.

I played well. Was the big dollar winner. All of $8.

I was hitting the ball long yesterday. My putting sucked, however. They were just not falling as they have been the past few weeks. But I am not complaining. I still won!

As usual, I was tired afterwards. So it was home to bed for a nap. The nap took longer than anticipated. I slept till about 7.

I had planned on attending Larry Harvey’s 89th birthday party at Aqua. 5:30 to 7:30. Obviously I could not make it. Shame on me!

Larry Harvey is the most well loved man in Key West! That says it all about him.

There is a coconut telegraph in Key West. It tells me the party was a fabulous success. Crowded. Bobby Nesbitt sang. Lynda Frechette did the decorations.

Well deserved Mr. Harvey! I promise to be at your 90th!

I went to the Chart Room. Got there a little later than normal. Captain Peter and Sheila at the bar. Engaged in a friendly argument over some unimportant thing. I enjoyed the company of both.

Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. A good choice as it turns out.

The place was jam packed. Never saw so many people waiting to fine dine. Valerie and John worked their butts off!

I was at the bar. Tried the tuna. First time there. Wow! A large thick piece of tuna, seared on the outside and otherwise raw throughout. God’s food!

Many friendly faces at the Hot Tin Roof.


Generally a waitress around town. In between jobs right now. Doing census work for the government. She had many interesting tales to tell about the job.

Myra is the adventurous sort. Last summer she wanted to do something different. So she went to Alaska and worked on a whale watching boat.

Brian and Amy were there also. Brian works in the County Attorney’s office and Amy at the Conch Guest House on Truman. Nice people. About town people. I always see them out.

Brian told us a story about a woman who called and wanted to know if she could continue keeping her pet goat. Apparently goat pet keeping in against the law in the keys. My thought was let her keep it. Who cares. She has kept it for a while already and no one has complained.

Frank showed up and sat next to me. Frank is a private boat captain. Frank also is Vice Admiral of the Conch Republic.

The Conch Republic war for independence will be fought again next week. Frank is in charge. A lot of work, he said. He will be in command of the several pirate ships which will engage the U.S. Coast Guuard vessels.

There is also a Conch Republic Air Force. Some one else is in charge. Bi planes will be dropping toilet paper bomb rolls on the Coast Guard vessels.

The Conch Republic is also involved in charity work. Frank told me about the recent shipment by sea of 25 tons of material assistance for Haiti. Conch Republic citizens are good people!

Today is the start of the Master’s. I will be glued to the TV set this afternoon watching Tiger Woods.

Then bocce tonight.

Tomorrow morning is my radio show. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. Watch and listen on the internet anywhere in the world at http://www.konkam.com/.

One of the topics I will be discussing is the contentious nude beach issue. Should Key West have one or not?

Enjoy your day!

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