Good morning world!

Dark outside! Always dark now with the time change. Key West is a bit further west than New York. So dark here in the morning when the sun is coming up in upstate New York, for example.

But our sun shines brighter here. When it does shine! This is the most extended cold spell I have experienced. I have been coming to Key West this time of the year for over 20 years. Never so cold so long.

A big day today! My radio show. I hope you will be able to listen or watch. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. See and hear on the intrnet at

I have a terific show planned. More material than even can be squeezed into one hour. It has been a big week news wise. Especially legal wise.

I started my day yesterday with a walk. I am still in a good health state of mind.

Walked the Atlantic end of Key West. The Southernmost Complex. The concrete pier going out into the ocean. Around Southernmost’s grounds. Then the pool area at the Reach.

Tourists galore! Good for the local economy.

Bikinis, too. A thong here and there. Good for my old eyes!

Then it was to the Coffee and Tea House to read the local Citizen and New York Times.

I realized I needed a manicure. I went. Tammy was not in. I will try her again this morning after the radio show.

My computer has been screwed up for a week. It came down to the AT&T connection. I called them. I went through this last month also.

It took 3 hours of pure frustration to cure the problem. It was their problem.

I learned something though that might be helpful to those of you who use AT&T. Think back when you have had to call them in the past. An technician at the other end takes you through the correction step by step. After almost 3 hours yesterday, I reched a point where the tech and I were not communicating effectively. She then opted to take over my computer. She actually was able to do all the corrections for me herself.

In the future, tell the technician you are inept and ask them to completely take over the process. It is quicker and involves no frustration on your part.

You learned it here!

Bocce last night.

It was raining lightly, very overcast and cold when I left my home in Key Haven. I dressed for the weather. In layers.

Ten minutes later I was driving along the Atlantic and passing the airport when I realized there were no clouds. It had not cleared. I drove into the clear area.

The sun was bright.

The bocce courts were hot. Peope were playing in tee shirts and shorts. I was glad I had layered. I stripped down a bit.

Jules did not bring her sun glasses. No sun when she left her home. Nor did I. We played the first game with the sun in our eyes. Made it a bit difficult on occasion.

We won 2 out of 3 games. Not bad. We played Bat Construction, our old team. The one that traded us away.

Jules and I partnered for the first game. We lost 16-14. Others played the second game and won 16-4. Mike and I were to play the third game. However I thought Jules had played better than me so I suggested she play and I sit out. She did.

My choice was correct. Jules played like a star in the last game. We won 16-3.

Joanie and Michelle also played well last night. They were killers in the second game.

Cheryl and Roger showed up to watch. They have become regulars in the bleacher section. Nice people. Staying at Boyd’s Campgrounds. We are going to have dinner together next week.

It is 7:30 and still dark.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Usually when you hook up with a good IT guy they will solve these problems remotely without coming to your home and usually won't charge you for the service. Key word here "good".

  2. The reason the President was treated as he was was due to his lack of respect for the interviewer by not answering the questions posed to him. Typical politician whether R or D.

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