I got up early yesterday morning. To play golf an hour earlier than normal. I was up at 5. That hour coupled with the new time change meant I was really up at 4.

I need an hour plus to do this blog in the morning. Then breakfast, shower and the like. I tend to generally move slowly in the morning.

We were to tee off at 8:15. My partner Rob telephoned at 7:30 to say we were not playing. Too much rain. Weather report said the rain was going to continue throughout the day.

I looked out the window. It was raining! And it did continue to rain till late afternoon.

I was all dressed with no place to go.

I have returned to walking since monday. I used to walk an hour a day every day. Then I stopped about a year ago.

In the past 5 months I have been into good health. No drinking, no smoking and lost 30 pounds by dieting. But no exercise.

My doctor and I agreed monday it was time to start again. Slowly, but lets begin. She suggested 10 minutes to begin. I like to jump start. So it was 20 minutes tuesday.

In spite of the rain, I had to walk yesterday. Only day 2. It would have been bad not to continue.

I do not walk in the rain. Know no one who does. Unless they want to experience a poetic day by walking in the rain on a beach.

So I went over to Home Depot. A big place. Inside. Wide aisles. I walked 20 minutes in Home Depot. One time around up and down each aisle is 20 minutes.

A good boy was I!

Then it was to the Coffee and Tea House on Duval. New York Times time!

I am especially interested in the editorial pages. Sometime good, sometime bad. Yesterday was a not so good day. In spite of columns by Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman, two of my favorite political pundits.

Last night was Aqua time for cocktails. Diet Pepsi for me.

Bobby Nesbitt!

I had a reservation at La Tratoria afterwards for dinner. I never made it.

As I was sitting enjoying Bobby, I suddenly started feeling poorly. Chilled. I knew I was coming down with something. Probably whatever Robert had while I babysat him for 2 days.

So I cancelled La Trattoria and went home.

My body ached. My stomach was fine. I was hungry.

The cupbpoard was bare at home.

As I drove down the boulevard, there was that clown figure on stilts gyrating with a Dominos sign. $5 for a pizza! That was to be my dinner!

I pulled into the K Mart Shopping Center and Dominos. I had never been to Dominos before. Frankly, I am not a big pizza eater.

I was impressed with Dominos! What a business! A small store. Nine employees. Yes, 9! Two making pizzas, two on the telephones taking orders, 1 delivery person and 4 handling the customers.

Busy! I was there less than 5 minutes and 8 people came in.

The pizza was delicious! I had 2 slices at home. Then to bed. Still had the chills.

I feel good this morning. Thank you for asking.

Bocce tonight.

We have a good team. You will recall that 6 of us were traded to a different team, the Donkeys. There are 6 players who have been with the Donkeys for years. We have to learn how to play together. Also, it would be nice to play against a team for once that is not just a sliver better than us on a particular evening. Everyone seems to play their best games against us. While we are playing terrific all the time!

Tomorrow morning is The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Please join me. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. See and hear me on the internet at www.konkam.com.

Tomorrow’s show will include an introductory piece on opening the doors to the Key West Police Station, Massachusetts’ weird dumb laws, the United States Supreme Court and clean drinking water, the FBI and Facebook, My Space and Twitter, Harry Truman and Paul Revere’s “…listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.”

Enjoy your day!

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  1. As a follower from MA, looking forward to your show tomorrow. I am usually at work during that time but will be home tomorrow and glad I can tune in.

    Also, picked up The Shack today based on your recommendation. Cannot wait to start reading it.

  2. Eating a pizza when upset tummy is not always the best thing to eat. Maybe you need your own personal nurse to take care of you!!!!

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