Looks like a nice Saturday in the making. Temperature to hit 73 degrees.

Radio show yesterday morning. A hit! Great topics. Wonderful comments afterwards. I hope you were able to catch it.

I stopped for a manicure after the show. Needed it. And it is a treat.

The place was packed. Never saw so many women before. Tammy said come back in a half hour.

No problem. I drove over to Borders to read. Everything is close. Key West is an island. Minutes seperate everything.

When I returned, the place was still packed. But Tammy was waiting for me.

Why all the people, I asked. Turns out it was a wedding party. Bride, bridesmaids, mothers, an aunt and little girls. All getting manicures and pedicures.

Some of the women had just come from having their bodies spray painted. The new safe way to tan. So the pedicurists had to be careful. No water above a certrain level of the leg. The ankle, I assume.

I was tired. I got tired during the last 15 minutes of the radio show. Even though I had a big time physical last week which I passed, I still have this tired problem. It comes on with no warning. And remains for several hours. Then it disappears as rapidly as it appeared.

I think it is the pills. I am taking so many since my heart bout in October. I will be back checking with the doctor this week.

I spent the afternoon in bed. I had planned to go to the Sports Page Bar to watch the Syracuse game around 10. Good luck! No way was I going to get out of bed. The tired continued into the evening.

So I watched the Syracuse game from bed. They beat Vermont big time. Were expecrted to, of course. But that means nothing. Remember 5 years ago when Syracuse played Vermont in the opening game also. Syracuse was heavily favored. Vermont destroyed Syracuse.

Now on to Gonzaga at noon on Sunday.

Go Cuse!

I had dinner one evening last week at The Strip Joint. An extremely fine steak house. Part of a New York City chain. The best beef!

Russ, my friend from bocce and Don’s Place, is Chief Chef there.

What a meal! Strip steak, onion rings and creamed spinach. Not the way Mom made it. The way a true New York steak house does!

There was a celebrity in the house at The Strip House. Not me. Jared Fogle.

Who is Jared Fogle? That is the question I asked also. Jared is the guy a couple of years ago who ate nothing but Subway sandwiches and lost over 200 pounds.

I am happy to report he is still thin. I walked by him to see what he was eating. Lobster. A good boy! And still thin!

Time to walk. I even walked yesterday, in spite of being tired. I forced myself to walk 20 minutes immediately after the manicure and before I went home. It was tough!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Don't take being tire for granted Lou. I know you just lost a bunch of weight, and good for you, but you could have a couple of things going on. Ask your doctor to run a complete blood panel on you including hormone and vitamin levels. Low B vitamins or low testosterone could be a problem. If all of this checks out, discuss a sleep study. Sleep Apnea is a silent and deadly killer. While I suspect it is hormones or vitamins, (which are an easy fix btw) don't put off a sleep study if they are not the culprit. Good luck, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Lou,
    The SU flag is on the way. You should have it soon.

    It was a good win for SU last night.

    I managed to score tickets for tomorrow's game vs. Gonzaga. My son and I will be going.

    Larry G

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