This time change is a pain!

I am like a little kid. It takes me forever to adjust.

I am up early because I have to babysit. Robert is sick.

Remember the woman who lost her purse Saturday night. Screwed up the evening. We spent time outside, not inside, the Key West Police Station. Then the many telephone calls to the credit card companies and banks.

My friend telephoned me yesterday morning. Turns out she did not lose her purse nor was it stolen. She had just found it. On a kitchen chair.

A simple error. It happens. At least I discovered the Police Station problem. If Pope John could open the doors to the Church, Chief Lee can open the doors to the Police Station!

Yesterday was Sunday.

It was a nice day. Warm. Mid to high 70s. A bit of a chill however off the ocean.

I decided to do something different. My friends Mike and Tina from Hartford, soon to live in Tokyo, had told me about a walk they took. On a part of the old Seven Mile Bridge. I figured, let me give it a try.

I put the top down on the convertible and drove the roughly 50 miles to the bridge. A refreshing drive!

The old part of the bridge is only 3 miles long. The part that can be walked on. It runs parallel to the new bridge. About 300 feet separate the two.

Entrance to the old bridge is at the northern end. There is a State maintained parking area there also.

I walked about 2 miles each way. A lot of people. Though not so many that it was crowded. I was about 50 feet above the water. There were boats below me fishing.

The new bridge portion with the cars driving over it was interesting. They were no bother. Although the cars were moving along at 50 plus miles per hour, it appeared as if they were floating slowly across the bridge. And no noise could be heard.

It was a pleasant contemplative type walk.

My goal was to stop at Boondocks on the way back for a late lunch. The place was packed. Never saw so many cars. They extended about a half mile in each direction.

Something was going on.

I drove through close to the building. There outside was my buddy Howard Livingston and his band Mile Marker 21 playing. I could hear Howard singing….I’m living on Key West time! He is!

Anyhow…..there was no where to park and I figured it would take foreveer to get served. So I drove on.

My stop for lunch was the Shrimp Shack on Stock Island. Sat outside. The place has grown. Many more tables.

I bought the Key West Citizen to read. Enjoyed fish and chips. And the view! All the shrimp boats in for the day. The docked shrimp boats were within 20 feet of me.

Dinner last night was with Lisa and the family. Robert was already sick. That is when I got my marching ordrs for today. He had a fever and was coughing.

Two big deals last night!

The first was the selections and rankings for the big tournament which starts this week. Syracuse was selected as the number 1 seed in the West. Good! I suspect we just made it. Although Syracuse finished 28-4, it lost its last 2 games.

Whatever. We are there. And the next 4 weeks is going to be crazy basketball time!

There is a new miniseries. The Pacific. Twelve weekly one hour shows. Sundays at 9. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks producing. Last night was the first show.

I watched.

I am a World War II freak. I have read so many books on the event. I think the reason it piques my interest so much is that I lived through the era. I was 6 years old when it started and 10 when it concluded. My memories are vivid.

The show was only so so last night. Perhaps because it was the beginning. Characters have to be introduced and established.

In any event, I shall watch it every Sunday till it is finished.

Solares Hill is a local weekly newspaper. It is published on Sunday and is delivered with the Sunday edition of the Key West Citizen. The main article on page 1 yesterday concerned the Key West Cemetery stone imprinted…..I Told You I Was Sick.

I have spoken of it many times. But have never actually seen it.

Turns out it is not by or sitting over an old man. It was said by a woman and in recent times, not old.

She is Mrs. J. P. Roberts. The stone only reflects her name, not gender, however…..B. P. Roberts. She died in 1979.

Obviously she was not properly diagnosed!

I am off to babysit Robert.

Enjoy your day!

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