Crazy day yesterday.

I was at Borders starting a new book. Actually several. I am not sure what I will be getting into next.

There was an attractive middle aged woman standing near the shelf holding The Shack. She was looking at the book immediately next to The Shack. I said to her she should read The Shack…..I had just finished it yesterday and it was one of the best books I had ever read. She said she had read it 2 years ago. She was so taken by the book that she bought 25 copies and sent it to friends.

Enough said about The Shack.

Then to Lisa’s. Grandkid time. Robert and Ally were fun. They had all kinds of toys on the living room floor. The place was a mess!

Both were excited. Their school Montessori was having a pajama party from 5 to 9 in the evening. Games, food and a movie. The purpose was to give parents a chance to go out to dinner without their children. A parents night out!

Later at the Coffee House I met an old friend. We chatted a bit. Decided to have dinner together last night.

When I picked her up she advised that she had just discovered her purse was missing. She thought she had left it at the Coffee House. It contained cash, credit cards and her driver’s license. No problem. People are basically honest I said. We went to the Coffee House to retrieve her purse.

No purse. My people judgment was wrong.

We went to the Key West Police Station to report the theft.

An experience.

I had never been to the police station before. It is the new one on the boulevard just before old town. A lovely building. From the outside. We could not get in. It was 7:15 in the evening and the doors were locked. In order to report something or get help one must use an outside telephone. You call in and report your problem. Then you wait. Outside. Till someone shows up.

Twenty minutes later a police car arrived. The police officer took the information. Outside. He was professional and a gentleman. But everything took place outside.

There was another couple when we arrived. They had been waiting a while already. They were tourists. Their first night in town. They found this locked police station, wait outside thing strange also.

Note that when the police officer is taking information, everyone else can hear what is said. Social Security number, phone numbers, home address and the like.

I have never known a police station that I could not walk into at any time of the day or night. And I have walked into a few. I am a retired attorney.

Respectfully, this scenerio is a disaster waiting to occur. A crime is going to happen to someone waiting outside the locked police depoartment door. Or some person is going to hear information they should not and do evil to another person later on. I see liability problems all over the place.

To Chief Lee and the Police Department I say…..Open the doors!

First things first when a purse is lost. After reporting to the police, there are the many calls to the credit card people, the cell phone company and the like. It screws up the evening. But has to be done.

That was my evening last night. Different. A bit of a pain. Interesting, however.

Tonight at 6, the rankings for the big tournament will be announced. I fear Syracuse will not be a #1 seed. The Georgetown victory this week in the Big East might have knocked them down a peg to a #2. We shall see.

It is Sunday! Enjoy the day!

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  1. I have been to the Key West police station many times, both day and night and the police station is ALWAYS closed. They take the information on the outside. SO WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE POLICE STATION? I have been in there, too, and during the day there are all kinds of rooms i.e. Quartermaster, Human Resources, duty policemen of all types having their own rooms, detectives and the like. No matter what time I've been on the second floor, where all these offices are, no one is ever commanding these offices. You just don't see anyone, except some straggler here and there. But, when you get to the coffee room, there are always one or two people there. So the conclusion I have reached is that the police are just not there. They roam about town as they please. Furthermore, who needs them? There's almost no crime in Key West. Fire half of them!!

  2. Have your friend contact the credit bureaus as she may end up having identity theift. I experienced it 3 years ago, without losing my personal cards etc and it still impacts me on every banking and other financial encounters I have. It is like financial rape!

  3. Interesting story about your locked up police station. Also unbelievable that in Season and in Key West you have to stand in the street and talk about the crime committed against you and everyone nearby hears the whole story.

    Makes you feel really secure about the mentality of the police force!

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