Yesterday started with an early morning appointment with my doctor. My annual physical.

After being prodded for a couple of hours, I hurried over to Lisa’s. Babysitting time! Robert under the weather.

Robert slept most of the day. I watched TV and read.

Lunch was the big event. Robert wanted macaroni and cheese. The All American kids dish!

I cooked and we both ate. It was good! We both enjoyed!

I decided to stay in last night. Glad I did. Caught a terrific old movie. Boom Town. With Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Spencer Tracey and Hedy Lamarr. Yes, the Hedy Lamarr I wrote about a few days ago.

Then when I woke this morning, I lucked out again. The TV had been on all night. There was Mario Lanza in Caruso! With Ann Blyth. A wow film! Such singing! Such a voice!

Mario Lanza was a movie star in my youth. He played in many musicals. I have a distinct recollection of him.

Enrico Caruso, also. But in a different fashion.

My grandfather Louis, after whom I am proudly named, had a phonograph player in his living room. It was a large floor model. To operate it, one had to hand crank the box.

My grandfather had Caruso records. I used to play them.

Nostalgia is wonderful! The memories good!

Betwen dinner and bed last night, I worked on this friday’s radio show. There will be some femaleless Olympic history, President Garfield’s assasination, the locked door at the Key West Police Station, and weird dumb laws. This time Massachusetts. Friday at 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. On the internet at

My last communication with a human voice last night was Lisa. Robert still sick. I am babysitting again today.

Enjoy your day! I will mine. There is nothing more pleasant than viewing one’s grandson safely asleep on the sofa.

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  1. Lou, Its Larry from Syracuse. We met at the Sports Page (watched the SU game). Can you please send me your email address ? Thanks.

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