Good morning world!

Great radio show yesterday!

One of the stories told involved patents, censorship and Hedy Lamarr.

Lamarr was an old time movie star. From the 1930s through the early 1950s. A beauty. You may remember her from Cecil B. DeMille’s epic film Samson and Deliah. She cut off Samson’s hair thus taking all his physical power from him.

Part of Hedy Lamarr’s history involved her marriage in the 1930s to a Fritz Mandel. He was a munitions manufaturer, a Nazi and a control freak. Hedy was a Jew.

Her escape from him and Germany to the United States is a wild story. It involves two escape attempts.

The first had her hiding in a brothel in Austria. Fritz and his henchmen were searching the brothel room by room. Hedy actually did a trick to fool Frtiz into thinking she was one of the prostitutes. It did not work.

Her second attempt was when she drugged her guard/maid and went out the second story window. This escape worked.

An interesting story.

Oh, by the way. Hedy Lamarr invented something that had to do with war products. Spread spectrum technology. It was used for the first time by the United States during the Cuban missle crisis. Part of our Key West history. Today her invention is an integral part of cell phone systems and satellite encryption, whaever that is.

The patent was involved with her invention.

The censorship issue arose early in her movie career. She starred in a 1933 Czech film called Ectasy. There was a nude scene. Her butt and a part of her breasts were shown.

It was the first film ever with a nude scene.

The Pope went crazy. He condemned the film and forbad Catholics from seeing it. The film was banned in the United States.

After the radio show, I did my usual thing. First the Coffee House. Read the New York Times. Then to Borders to finish The Shack.

I did finish The Shack.

Without question, it is one of the finest books I have ever read. Tops in composition and substance. Moving. Unbelievable. Believable.

I did not like the ending. The last 20 pages. Such is a personal preference. It does not take away from the ovrall quality of the book.

Read The Shack if you have a chance. You will enjoy it. You will be moved by it.

Key West is really packed with visitors!

Tourists, including college students.

I went to Hogfish for dinner last night. I could not even get a seat at the bar. So I headed over to TGIF. The bar is always empty. Not last night. I ended up sitting at a table all alone.

Ryno predicted a cold wave and a bad storm for last night. The cold wave has returned. It is damp chilly this morning. But the bad rainstorm with thunder and lightning did not occur. It merely rained lightly off and on last night and during the night.

Ryno, you are a good man! A terrific radio engineer! However…..a questionable meteorologist. Nevertheless (a legal word) thank you for the warning. If you had been correct, we would all have been better for it.

Today I must see the grandkids. It has been a few days. I miss them.

Enjoy your day!

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