It is the middle of the night and I am awake.

Maybe it is because of bocce. We lost all 3 games.

We did not play badly. We actually played well. The other team just played a wee bit better.

So as there will be no misunderstanding, bocce has nothing to do with my being awake. I simply woke and cannot fall back to sleep.

Today is friday. Radio time!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

10 am.

Listen in. KONK 1500 AM. You can see as well as listen on the internet. Call in with questions and comments. 305-294-2769.

Great show today! An interesting follow up on the lady who drove while shaving her privates and had an accident, Supreme Court criticism, whistle blowing, Hedy Lamarr, Nevada weird dumb laws and more.

I spent yesterday working on the radsio show and just plain working. Never left the house till bocce last night.

My widow neighbor brought me over some food. Home made chili. I rarely eat chili. I devoured hers. Tasted good.

Later at bocce I had the worst heartburn. Jules told me it was the chili.

That’s it for the chili!

Ryno is a knowledgable person. How mentally far reaching I did not know. My familiarity with him makes me aware he is a radio guru. Knows everything about running a radio station.

Turns out Ryno is also a meteorologist of sorts.

He warns in Facebook this morning of an impending storm.

He says a cold front moving in. Been a long time since we had one! Ho ho!

It will hit tonight or tomorrow morning. It will be accompanied with blinding rain and lightning. And wind gusts of 45-55 miles per hour.

Something is screwed up somewhere!

Remember again to listen and watch my radio show this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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