The weather has finally turned. Warm! 78 yesterday! 76 today!

A bit of rain also. We’ll take it!

Tomorrow radio time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. on the internet. You can both see and hear on the internet.

Some interesting topics. A bit of local color. A follow up on the woman shaving her privates while driving. How does a person get an impartial jury in the age of the internet? The U.S. Supreme Court and clean water.

Hope you can join me!

Golf yesterday.

I did good! Big dollar winner. All of $9.

The winner buys drinks. I got stuck for $31! Did I win?

I rarely come out on top in golf. My putter was hot. I only missed one putt I should have made. Dropped a few I should have missed. And got the long ones close.

A good day!

Last night was an early dinner at Hogfish. Lobster bisque and hogfish fingers. Read the papers. Quite a crowd. Business booming all over the Key West area.

There are a lot of spring break college people in town. Their behaviour overall appears to be less than good this year. They are more rowdy than normal on the streets. Driving scooters more crazily. Fighting a bit.

Two bartenders were beaten badly by some college students the other evening. Perhaps a bit of a hate crime. They kept calling the bartenders old fags. Interestingly, both are straight.

I was driving up US 1 the other night on my way home. There moving slowly in the passing lane was something dimly lit. Turned out to be an electric car with what appeared to be 9 young people in it. Also appeared to be an accident waiting to happen.

I continue to read the Harry Truman logs of his 11 visits to Key West. A routine person.

The President was up around 7. Walked 15-20 minutes. Breakfast. A 1 1/2 to 2 hour swim at the beach. Lunch. A 3 hour nap. Dinner at 7. The balance of the evening spent chatting with friends on the porch. In between, he answered mail and signed some bills into law.

Enjoy your day!

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