Yesterday turned out to be an interesting and happy day. Nothing unusual occurred. The day was just pack full of exciting people and things. It was a Key West day!

I started the morning with a haircut. With Lori at Blown Away. She has been cutting my hair for 10 years. She also does Lisa and the grandkids. I enjoy my periodic experience with her. She looks good and smells good. Some of my senses still work!

Then to the Coffee House. Read the Key West Citizen and New York Times.

I could not wait to get to Borders. The Shack continues to interest me big time. What a book! Perhaps one of the best I have ever read! It is that good!

I have about 50 pages left to finish the book. Then I will speak to you about it in more depth. But again, what a book! Both from composition and substance perspectives.

Since the diet is over, I sneak in an occasional real meal.

Yesterday it was the Kennedy Cafe for lunch again. The place was packed. I was surprised. I was lucky to get a table. It has obviously become a favorite locals place.

I had eggplant over french bread covered with tomato sauce. Only ate half of it. The portion was too large. So good! The food that is. Not me. I must admit I felt a bit guilty afterwards. The diet is still with me.

I had an early evening meeting at Don’s Place. Don and Larry are trying to put together an internet show that hopefully might be good enough for TV. The game plan is that it be a talk show. Something on line with Cheers. But a bit more formal. With a touch of music.

Quite a group has been assemled for the show. It includes Tino, psychologist Doc Covan, Kathleen Peace, Alec and me. Plus others. We are formulating at this stage. Larry wants to spend a month working with us to put it together for its first showing.

If the concept works, it will be terrific! And fun! Key West conversations are the craziest in the world. To commit them to the screen will be an adventure in itself.

It was time for dinner. La Trattoria. Beeca met me at the door. After a warm embrace and kiss, she politely told me how people tell her how I write about her. I said I do. She said but they all tell me you spell my name wrong. B E E C H A, I said. No, B E E C A she said.

So Beeca it is! Sorry!

I did tell her I always spoke well of her. She smiled and said Oh!, I know. She occasionally reads the blog. But only occasionally. I chastised her.

Anyhow… apologies Beeca. I would never offend the woman who kisses me the most in Key West. Actually the only woman who kisses me in Key West!

It was a great bar night for dinner.

Sitting next to me was an attractive couple from Rhode Island. Karl and Jean Brother. They are vacationing for a few days. The last time they were here was for one day back in 1986. They found the changes overwhelming. Especially all the people!

Karl spent a life time in the medical supply business. Then retired. Became bored. Bought a fitness center. That is his new life.

Jean was lovely and charming.

They are staying at the Gardens. I told them it was a great choice. They agreed. I suggested they seek out Gardens’ owner Kate Miano and meet her. A Key West icon already and a terrific person.

Robert and Elena Spottswood showed up. They came over to say hello. I always enjoy seeing them. Two of the loveliest people in Key West. They personify the real Key West.

I told them how I kept running into Robert’s father John Spottswood in my readings about Harry Truman and Key West. John Spottswood was sheriff and the leading Democrat at the time of Truman’s visits.

Karl and Jean left. I sent them over to the Keys Piano Bar for some good music and singing.

Tosh replaced them. Jon McIntosh. Local artist of national fame. A cartoonist, also.

Tosh is always good company. He generally dines alone at bars as I do. So we meet on occasion.

I told Tosh how I had written about his great exhibition presently going on at Nance Frank’s gallery on Green Street. Tosh does great ocean and boat scenes.

I learned last night that Tosh had attended for a while Hobart College. Hobart is located in upstate New York in Geneva. Near my Utica roots.

We talked of college days and how things have changed. Like co-ed dorms.

Tosh also writes. Has several published books. One is “Hooked on Golf.” A tale for another time.

Speaking of golf, today is wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. I have to get ready.

Enjoy your day! I will mine if I hit a few good shots. It does not take many!

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  1. hey lou, patrick and joann are here! we will be at angelina's for pizza at 6pm friday. i would like you to meet them this time! wanna meet at the chart room after? let me know. gary and tecia.

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