Yesterday was finally a good day weather wise. Low 70s. A tee shirt and shorts day.

I walked much.

Along Duval and some of the side streets.

There is a new gelato store on Duval in the 100 block. Just across the street from Sloppy Joe’s. Has to be a winner.

My artist friend Tosh has a show at Nance Frank’s gallery on Green Street. He is masterful! Great boat scenes from Stock island.

It is just before 6 in the morning. I have the TV on as I write my blog. I am waiting for Good Morning Joe to come on. Just heard Willie report about the auto accident near Key West where the woman was shaving her privates! The story made national news. You will recall reading it here last week and hearing it on my radio show last friday.

Simple. There are now 3 rules to keep in mind when driving. Don’t drink, don’t text and don’t shave your privates!

Driving is becoming difficult!

Read a bit. At both Borders and the Coffee House.

I am into The Shack. Big time. What a book!

I said yesterday I was not going to tell you anything about it. I can’t. I am bursting to share some part of it with you.

God is a character. I am Catholic. We believe there are three Gods in one. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. It is called the Trinity.

In The Shack, God the Father is a fat black woman. God the Son, Jesus, is a tall thin white man. Not good looking. With a big nose. He is a carpenter. The Holy Ghost is a small attractive Asian woman.

One of the best lines is by the fat black female God. Something to the effect that what did you expect, a tall white man with a long white beard!

Dinner last night was at Hogfish. Packed! The season is defintely here.

I sat at the bar. Wanted fish and chips. Hogfish. No hogfish. Had to settle for grouper. Good, but not as tasty as hogfish.

I watched basketball on TV while eating. This is the week for league basketball play offs all over the nation. The TV program kept switching from one league to another. I saw teams play last night I had never heard of.

The Big East is at Madison Square Garden. Syracuse has a double bye and does not play till thursday.

I have mentioned on occasion that Harry Truman spent a total of 175 days here in Key West while he was President. Tom of Tom and Cindy from Iowa made me aware that there are logs of Truman’s Key West visits on the internet.

I found them. Long. Detailed. Some time boring. Some time interesting.

I have decided to share a bit of them occasionally with you. Whatever they are, they are. They are Truman’s Key West days.

Truman made a total of 11 trips to Key West.

His sixth trip was from March 6, 1949 to March 16, 1949. Sixty one years ago.

Today is March 9. So I am going to do Truman’s March 9 from that trip.

Truman of course stayed at the Little White House.

He came downstairs at 7:15 am. He took his daily walk around the Naval Station. The walk started at 7:40 and ended at 7:55. Truman was a brisk walker. Two Secret Service agents accompanied him on the walk.

Breakfast was at 8. He ate with an Admiral Momsen. Momsen is in most of the logs. He must have been Truman’s buddy. Momsen was a submarine commander during World War II. A wolf pack leader.

After breakfast, Truman and Momsen sat on the south porch and talked for 30 minutes.

At 10 am, Truman and a group walked to the Enlisted Men’s Beach for a swim. The group included 2 generals, 3 admirals and a William Bray. Bray was a prominent politician of the day.

They stayed at the beach till 11:30. One of the admirals took a walk looking for shells. He could find none. Even back then!

They stayed at the beach till 11:30.

Lunch was at 12:15 at the Navy mess.

Truman returned to the Little White House at 2:10. He immediately went upstairs to his room for a nap. He slept till 5:10.

I admire a person who naps in the afternoon! I do! It’s healthy!

Dinner was in the President’s Mess at 7. Afterwards Truman and his entourage sat on the porch till 11:40 talking.

A movie was played during the evening. Whispering Smith with Alan Ladd and Brenda Marshall. Truman did not watch it.

The President, any President, was not easy to travel with. More difficult than traveling with a baby.

The accompanying group included 13 guests, 15 staff, 13 Secret Service men, 17 press representatives, 6 radio correspondents, 2 newsreel photographers, 2 TV photographers, 4 still photo people, 20 miscellaneous staff and 14 cook/kitchen personnel.

Morning Joe is on. Willie is telling about the woman driving and shaving her privates. Joe is yelling. Mika is having a heart atttack.

Enjoy your day!

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