My Sunday started with a visit to the Little White House. So called because Harry Truman spent a total of 175 days residing at this white building at the former Navy base while he was President.

A Victorian croquet fundraiser was held there yesterday. Participants were outfitted in the regalia of the late 1800s. Harry Truman was an invited guest.

I went to see Truman.

It was him!

Looked just like him!

He occasionally can be seen walking the streets of Truman Annex. I hope you will be lucky to catch him. A thrill!

I spent most of the afternoon reading.

First at Borders. I am into a novel called The Shack. I will only share two things about the book with you.

The story is well written. Sentences so descriptive. The writing style is a joy in itself.

The story mind boggling. I will tell you nothing more about the story itself. I would not want to spoil your enjoyment of the book one iota.

I am half way through reading it. An experience! I highly recommend the book.

The remaining portion of the afternoon was spent at the Coffee House reading the Sunday New York Times. A three coffee event.

Then to Lisa’s for Sunday dinner.

Robert and Ally had just returned from a birthday party. My grandkids seem to have an active social life. It is at least one birthday party a week.

Their faces had been made up at the party. Robert was Spiderman. A good job! Ally had her face adorned with the usual female make up. Eyes done. Pink cheeks. A touch of lipstick. Enhanced an already lovely young lady.

Corey’s parents are in visiting for the weekend. We had a big dinner table and a good time.

Last night the Academy Awards. An American tradition. I cuddled up in my warm bed and watched. Always exciting!

I have an early morning appointment at the doctor’s to do some fasting blood work. It is being done preliminary to my full annual physical which is scheduled for next week.

Since I am fasting, I will take myself out to breakfast after the blood work. Ham and eggs at Harpoon Harrys.

Enjoy your day!

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