I screwed up big time two ways yesterday!

I went to I Hop for lunch. The fundraising lunch for Miami Childrens Hospital. I sat at a booth and told the waiter I was there for the free short stack for the fundraiser. He said no you’re not. It was last week!

What to do?

I had never been to I Hop before so I opted to stay for lunch. What a menu! Everything! Rich and gooey appearing!

The waiter could tell I was a novice. He suggested the special. Two eggs, hash browns with small pieces of ham all covered with melted cheese and a two large pancake side. OK!

I buried the pancakes in two syrups. Raspberry and maple. It already came with a huge gob of melting butter.

I ate everything! Left nothing! So good! Very good!

After 3 months on a 1,000 calorie a day diet, I blew it big time!

It is wonderful to sin!

Last night was Syracuse basketball at the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse beat St. Johns by about 20 points.

Don and Chris were there. We watched the game together.

I met them last year. They visit Key West about 4 times a year. They are from the Syracuse area. Both work for Davis-Standard in Fulton, just outside Syracuse.

Apparently their compnay is doing big business in China. They both have a couple of trips there in the near future. Their business cards are double duty. One side in English and the other in Chinese.

Many other Syracuse fans watching the game also. One a celebrity of sorts. Bernie Fine’s brother in law.

Bernie Fine is the assistant Syracuse basketball coach. Bernie has been Boeheim’s assistant for more than 30 years. He could have left to be the numero uno coach elsewhere, but opted to stay at Syracuse and work with Boeheim.

I never got the brother in law’s name. Sorry. He is from Syracuse also. He had brought his motorcycle down to Tampa on a trailer on the back of his car. Then he rode the bike to Key West. Fun!

This morning golf. I am looking forward to it. I did not play last week.

The high today temperature wise will be 63. I have to dress warm. Nothing new!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour can be seen and heard friday at 10. http://www.konkam.com/. A good show this week. Includes French croissants and bagels. The law and these two bakery products!

Enjoy your day!

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