Lisa better. She went to work yesterday. She sees her doctor today. Whatever it was seems to have come and gone. A ruptured ovarian cyst seems to be the best diagnosis at this time.

Thank you all for your concern.

I spent my day reading. For pleasure. For Louis.

First at Borders. I finished Game Change. A good political book. Covered the Presidential primaries and election of 2008.

The last chapter concerned itself with Obama’s choice of Hillary for Secretary of State. He wanted her from day one. Not necessarily for political reasons. But because from his perspective she was the best for the job! Hillary was against taking the position till the very last moment. For many reasons. One the Bill thing. Another she still hurt from the primary. She finally relented and agreed.

Obama pursued her with diligence. She was the best person for the job at this time in history. He considered her acceptance a major accomplishment and addition to his team.

One book closes, another opens…..

I started The Shack.

A short novel. A psychotherapist’s dream. A best seller now in paper back.

I read only the forward and first two chapters. Too early to really comment. Except I was very impressed with the writing style. It is different.

Then to the Coffee House. Read the local paper and the New York Times.

Last night was a return to civilization for me. A dinner party. At Jackie Grimm’s.

The food was outstanding! Glad I am off my diet. Desert was white chocolate mouse ice cream with sugary rasberry sauce.

The company was even better. An artsy group. Culture abounded.

A New York pychotherapist was a guest. I asked him about The Shack. He said a great book. He agreed that the writing style was different and was the first thing he noticed also. That is as far as he would go. He did not want to ruin the reading experience for me by telling me more.

I never got to working on this coming friday’s radio show. So this morning I must. I am always concerned that I shall fail to prepare and will spend the hour trying to figure out what to talk about.

Lunch today at I Hop. Free pancakes. A fundraiser for Miami Childrens Hospital. Join me there for lunch!

Oh, I almost forgot! Syracuse is ranked #1! Go Cuse!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou, It's our last night in Key West. Are you watching the game tonight at The Sports Page? If so, see ya there. Don & Chris from Syracuse.

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