Good morning world!

The sun is up and bright here in Key West. Not a cloud in the sky.

The temperature is not where it should be this time of the year. Still low. Still cold. Only 56 this morning. High will be somewhere in the mid 60s.

What a crazy year weather wise!

Interestingly, the lodging statistics show an increase so far this year over last year. The tourists are coming in droves. And enjoying themselves! The bars and estaurants are full. They are even taking sunset cruises. Wearing of course their winter gear from up north!

Lisa still aching. But on the mend. Tests showed nothing bad occurred. The hospital doctor thought she might have ruptured an ovarian cyst. She has to see her gynecologist today.

I visted Lisa yesterday afternoon. She was laid out on the sofa. Laid out is the proper term. The hospital had drugged her big time. It was an effort for her to even open her eyes. But no pain!

Robert and Ally were dutifully caring for their Mother. Cute!

Tomorrow is a big day at I Hop. Free short orders of pancakes from 10 am to 2 pm.

I do not normally do pancakes. But I will tomorrow. Not because they are free. It is actually a fund raiser. The pancakes are free, but you are expected to leave a donation for a worthy cause.

The cause is Miami Childrens Hospital.

I have a personal interest in Miami Childrens. My grandson Robert.

Robert was born with cancer of the liver. Not common. Humans are not born with cancer. It is an after birth acquired affliction. Robert was treated at Miami Childrens Hospital. He had two major surgeries. On the 4th and 8th days of his new life. He is now 5 years old and ok. Still must see the doctors at Miami Childrens till he is 18, however. And they are the same doctors who saved him 5 years ago.

I saw much while at Miami Childrens Hospital with my grandson. Children from all over the world. Being treated for all kinds of afflictions. Money immaterial. If you had none or no insurance plan to pay, you were still cared for. By the best professionals with the most modern equipment.

So…..stop into I Hop tomorrow for a free order of pancakes. And after you enjoy them, leave a few dollars to help the hospital that helps kids from all over.

I stopped at Publix to buy some things I have not eaten for the last 3 months while dieting. One was fruit. Bananas. I ate one. In the car while driving home. So good!

I spent the day in. I was tired from the night before. Watched the Michigan State/Purdue game. Purdue lost. Too bad. They were ranked #3 nationally. They lost prior to the game their star forward Robbie Hummel. The impact of his not playing was obvious.

The new rankings come out today. The top 3, Kansas, Kentucky and Purdue, all lost over the weekend. Syracuse beat Villanova. Syracuse should be #1 in the new rankings. A wow! Syracuse was not even ranked preseason.

I plan on spending part of this day getting ready for this week’s radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour will be seen and heard on friday at 10 in the morning. Plan on being with me.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I attended the Purdue/Mich St game yesterday. We miss Hummel big time! Good luck to your Orangemen ….they are my pick to win it all.

  2. Hi, My name is Cristene and I work for the Marketing Dept. at Miami Children's Hospital. I am glad to hear our little patient is doing well! What a success story! We would love it if you would submit your grandchild's story on for our website. Thank you and enjoy your pancakes!

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