6 am. I am at Lisa’s. Been here since 2:30. Got a phone call. Lisa had big pain in her side.

Lisa now in emergency room. Blood work ok. Presently getting a cat scan.

Lisa’s words as she went out the door concerned Ally. She is going to wake up and freak out when she discovers I am gone.

Ally woke up. She wanted Mommy. No problem. I gently explained what was going on. And that Mommy would be home soon. I invited here to join me on the living room couch. She said no, she was going back to sleep.

A melt down avoided.

Now we have to get Lisa back in ok shape.

Daytime yesterday was uneventful. I stayed in bed till early afternoon. Then ran some errands. And back to bed till the evening. I guess I was tired.

Last night at 9 was the Syracuse/Villanova basketball game. Big! Syracuse ranked #4 nationally and Villanova #8.

Game was played at Syracuse. A sold out crowd. Over 34,000. Biggest attended college basketball game ever! So you can appreciate the size of the crowd, Madison Square Garden only holds 19,000.

Syracuse won by roughly 20 points! What a game!

Villanova came out hot. Syracuse cold. It was Villanova by 8 ten minutes into the game. I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Then Syracuse came alive!

Syracuse ahead by 10 at the half. And 20 at the end.

A major win!

#1 Kansas lost. So did Kentucky. Just maybe Syracuse will be #1 when the updated rankings come out Monday.

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. With Skaneatles friends Don and Lisa and Key Wester Steve again. Plus Sandra and Robert, also from Skaneatles. Sandra owns a florist shop there and Robert is a realtor. And many other Syracuse supporters throughout the bar.

There was lot of yelling and screaming as the game progressed.

It was Don and Lisa’s last evening in Key West. They return home today. Sad. Nice people. I shall miss them. Especially at the Syracuse games.

Don bought dinner. I ate a lot. Not because he was buying. I did not know when I was ordering. The diet is over so I thought I might splurge a bit.

Did I!

A prime rib dinner. 14 ounces of meat! Oh, so good!

Followed by a piece of chocolate cake covered with whip cream. Even better!

My conscience was getting to me. I only ate half the cake!

The first thing I did when I got home was go to the scale. I peeked with one eye, then two. I had not gained a pound!

I suspect the yelling and screaming and jumping around during the game may have helped.

Ally got up. She is sitting next to me at the kitchen table coloring. We are talking. We went through the where is Mommy thing again. She is ok with everything for the moment.

Robert must be up. I hear some one peeing. It can only be him.

It was Robert. Where’s Mommy? No one wants to know where is Daddy. I explained.The truth. Hospital, etc. He accepted it.

So far, I am doing good at baby sitting this night.

Enjoy your day! I hope everything works out well with Lisa and we are only dealing with we don’t know what caused the pain. Otherwise this baby sitting may get extended for quite a while.

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