What is going on?

An 8.8 earthquake in Chile!

A tsunami heading for Hawaii! 10-15 feet!

Haiti’s earthquake!

Snowstorms up north being described as hurricane snowstorms!

Cold forever here in the Florida keys!

Don’t tell me there is not a global warming problem! Lets stop playing political football with the issue and figure it out! And correct it before we are confronted with an inconceivable disaster!

Everything else seems immaterial at the moment. But life goes on. So bear with me as I share my yesterday with you.

The radio show went well. Very well. Fridays at 10 is my new time. If you missed the show, watch and listen next week on the internet at http://www.konkam.com/.

After the radio show, I drove over to my doctor’s office. Dr. Jackie Lefferts. She is an internest. I am impressed with her. She has been caring for me for 3 years. I find her to be a diagnostician of the highest order.

Dr. Lefferts got me into my present diet. By the way, I finally hit 30 pounds a few days ago. The diet is over! Hooray! I hope I have sufficiently changed my eating habits so that I will be able to maintain my new weight. It is an eternal battle!

Dr. Lefferts is the one who got me on the Medifast diet that resulted in the 30 pound loss. Her husband Michael runs the diet program out of her offices. He is a director/guru of the Medifast program.

The primary reason I decided to do the diet was when I saw what it did to the Doctor and her husband. Both lost 30 plus pounds on it and looked terrific!

I stopped at the Doctor’s office yesterday to talk with Michael about my maintenance program. The receptionist told me to go right into his office. I did. Guess what I saw? There was Michael sitting at his desk eating a piece of pizza! Shocking! Caught him in the act! I have not had pizza in 3 months!

He knew it was an embarassing moment. I thought he was going to choke on the bite he was enjoying.

We both laughed. It never changes. Everything in life is do as I say, not as I do.

The Chart Room was packed with tourists last night. A couple came in and was interested in the holes at the bar containing the ashes of some of the old timers now gone. I ended up explaining who the remains belonged to and that two holes yet remain unfilled since there are still 2 old patrons alive and kicking.

After they left I thought…..Is this what my life has come to? Think about it. I have become a part of the tradition myself. Good and bad, depending how you look at it.

It was La Trattoria for dinner.

Beecha was lovely! Hugged and kissed me on two different occasions. Sometimes I think I go to La Trattoria so much just for her hugs and kisses. Maybe.

Lee Ann was sitting at the bar eating alone. I have not seen her in about 8 months. And at that time it was at the bar at La Trattoria also.

We had dinner together. Her husband was snowed in in New Jersey and could not return home to Key West. His misforune was my good fortune. I had a pleasant evening. Lee Ann is good company.

I mentioned a few days ago that my good friend Terri White had a new gig. She is going into the part of Mama Morton in the Chicago revival. The news was officially released yesterday. Facebook is overwhelmed with congratulations to her.

Tonight Syracuse/Villanova. At 9. I will be at my usual place at the Sports Page Bar watching the game. With a bunch of other Syracuse fans! A good night ahead!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, don't get caught up with the issue of global warming. I know you're a Democrat, liberal and you could be easily fooled by the extremists. Everything is cyclical when it comes to weather. Furthermore, where the hell is our former VP with all the cold weather? Where is he hiding? Why does he not say something?

  2. We all knew you had a crush on Beecha……but now we're talking stalking. lol. At least she knows you will support her when they board that tourist trap up!

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