The heat is overwhelming!

What a joke!

I have been in Key West for more than 20 years at this time of the year. I never remember it being so cold so long!

Last night was bocce. 58 degrees! Piercing cold! In the bones!

Our team the Donkeys has good players. We need some time to come together. We are still feeling each other out. Learning to play with each other. And we have not developed the necessary killer instinct as yet.

I played all 3 games. We lost the first. Due to the lack of the killer instinct. We just could not load the points on when the opportunity presented itself. The second game was a breeze! We won big time. My partner Norm and I were responsible for two 4s and a 3 at our end. Big! The last game was a disaster. We got killed.

Such is life! We shall improve as the season wears on.

This morning is radio show time.The Key West Lou Legal Hour is at 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. Better seen and listened to on the internet at Give a telephone call to me at 305-294-2769.

I was at Walgreen’s at lunch time to pick up a prescription. Ran into my dear friend Jackie Grimm. Adorned in black tights, sweater and a shawl. With a fluffy black hat covering her flowing white hair. A lovely lady!

A fortuitous meeting. We decided to have lunch together. Which we did at the Yacht Club.

Afterwards it was Borders for me. I am close to finishing Guard Change. I am into the campaign for President.

Palin looks terrible. A whack. More interested in what Alaskans thought of her than the rest of the country. It surprises me she did so well in the debate with Biden.

Biden had his own problems. Made some gaffs. The Obama team ignorred him much of the time as a result thereof.

I was speaking with what can only be described as a Key West old timer yesterday. He has been here since the 1960s. He recalls only one winter as cold as this one. Back in the 1970s. He told me it was followed the next year by a winter unreasonably hot.

I can’t wait!

For my friends up north, remember we do not have the necessary clothes to wear in weather this cold. Many do not even have heat. The stores long ago sold out on floor heaters.

Enjoy your day!

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