This weather is rediculous!

Two days ago it was 80. This morning it is 58. The high today is projected at 61. Tonight the temperature will drop to 53.

Key West is experiencing its third consecutive day of rain. Pouring rain.

Something is screwed up somewhere!

My radio show is tomorrow. Friday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Please listen in. At 10 am.

KONK 1500 AM radio. See and hear me on the internet.

I am going to cover a bit of the historical aspect of separation of Church and State. It will include John Alden and Priscilla. Priscilla of…..”Speak for yourself, John” fame.

My day yesterday was spent in. I had a ton of paper work to get out.

I had to get out last night. Opted for Hogfish.

I have not shaved since friday. Did not want to shave last night. I am in a Key West state of mind. Hogfish made it easy. The dress mode is always slob minus.

I ventured out in the rain. What a storm! I figured Hogfish would be empty because of the weather. Was I wrong! The place was packed! People waiting for tables! Never experienced that before.

I was able to find a spot at the bar quickly, however. Enjoyed a cup of lobster bisque to warm up. Followed by fish and chips. Hogfish obviously.

There was a keys fisherman seated next to me. He was smoking. His secondary smoke tasted delightful. I have not had a cigarette since October 29.

Tonight bocce. If it continues to rain all day, bocce will be rained out. The courts are clay and play is difficult if they are wet.

I hope the rain ends. I enjoy bocce. Missed it last week. The Syracuse/Geogetown basketball game was more important.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. lucky you lou! we even called the hogfish to make sure they had it and they did not when we got there. kinda ruined our lunch but the grouper was outstanding! gary and tecia.

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