The sun and I got up at the same time today.

The sun was rising just as I walked out on the terrace to see how today’s weather was going to be. A big orange ball breaking over the ocean! Striking!

The rising sun has been hidden the past couiple of weeks because of clouds. It was good to see it again!

To compound matters, I was watching Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises on TV before I walked outside. I am not certain, but Hemingway probably wrote the novel while living in Key West.

Yesterday was supposed to be cool. The weather report suggested the temperature might reach 70. We lucked out! It hit 76! And today and the next few days will be in the low to mid 70s.

About time!

I started yesterday with a haircut. At Lori’s. She told me that Lisa, Robert and Ally had just left. Sorry I missed them.

Ally is 4. Going on 20. She wants long hair. She presently has more hair than face. But Lisa is letting her have her way. Lori told me Ally only had a trim.

After the haircut, I went over to the Coffee House. Read the papers and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

I decided it was time to be nice to Louis. That meant a manicure and pedicure. Relaxing, especially the pedicure. I have a foot fetish. Love to have my feet rubbed. I find it relaxing to the extent that I fall asleep. As I almost did while getting my pedicure yesterday.

Then it was to Lisa’s.

Corey and Ally were leaving for the beach to swim. I told you it was warm! Ally’s hair must have had the slightest of trims. It was still long and covering her head and face big time.

Robert did not want to swim. He opted to stay home with his mother.

Robert and I ended up playing checkers. First time. He is good. Almost beat me. I was lucky to win. I was impressed at Robert’s ability to play. He knew what moves to make. More importantly, he knew why.

And only 5 years old!

I decided to stay in last night. Made a light meal. Then early to bed.

Today is Sunday. My favorite day. Enjoy your Sunday! I shall mine!

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  1. I believe the first novel Hemingway wrote in key West was A farewell to Arms in 1928-9 while staying in an apartment above the Ford dealership [now Pelican Poop]and while awaiting the arrival of his new Model A roadster..After writing in the morning he was off to meet his buddies at Sloppies [Capt Tonys]and would sit around the 'hanging tree' sipping cheap scotch and sodas..
    We're on our way..
    Patrick and JoAnn..

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