The weather started off good yesterday. It was 80 degrees at noon.

Then it started raining. Temp fell to 73. Rained all night. Raining now. Supposed to rain all day.

But the temperature will be in the low to mid 70s. OK!

A great brunch yesterday! A Haitian fund raiser at the A&B Lobster House. A&B has 6 Haitians on staff. So A&B opted to do the right thing. A good thing. A fund raiser. The event was well done and well attended!

Terrific food! A long table of fish and shell fish. Another table of usual breakfast foods like eggs benedict. And a large sweets table. Plus stations for bloody marys and mimosas.

I experienced good food and good company.

Mike and Tina from Hartford invited me as their guest. Two couples also. Jordan and Stephanie. Nick and Julie.

Turns out Jordan is owner of Upper Crust Pizzeria. There is one located on Duval Street near Antonia’s. Always packed. Does a big business.

Jordan does not own it. His father Barry does.

Jordan owns 16 other Upper Crust Pizzerias. A chain. All located in Massachusetts. He is presently opening number 17 in Wellesley on Central Avenue. My daughter Beth and her family live in Wellesley.

Don’s lady is a Boston interior decorator. Stephanie is her name. Lovely. She and Jordan look well together.

Jordan is a pilot. Stephanie is close to obtaining her license. Jordan has a new plane which is scheduled for delivery in 4 weeks.

The pizza business is good!

Nick’s true name is Nicholi. He and his friend Julie operate Key West Sea Planes. They have two. They fly people to Little Palm Island. Do private charters anywhere. And provide flying lessons. Jordan and Stepahanie are or have been students.

Nick runs the seaplane business. For Julie it is a second love. She is a doctor first. She has her own genral practice here in Key West. Julie Floyd, M.D.

Nick and Julie recently bid on a two year contract to fly people to the Dry Tortugas. The Dry Tortugas is a national park. There were 3 applicants. Two local and one from Alaska. The Alaska guy won. Me thinks there is something screwed up in the national park system. The modus operandi should be to hire local.

Such is government!

Mike and Tina were gracious hosts. Nice people. Soon to be gone, I am afraid. Both may shortly be moving to Japan to work. A big move geographically and other wise for the both of them.

They own a home in Old Town across from the cemetary. They plan on keeping their Key West home.

After brunch I stopped at Borders. I am still reading Game Change. I am into the Republican primary. McCain’s comeback is dramatic.

Then to Lisa’s. The family had just returned from Fort Zach beach. Ally was running around in her bathing suit. Robert in the process of changing.

Robert and I played another game of checkers. Our second game in two days. Robert is just learning.

The game took 45 minutes. We stopped when each of us had 3 kings and it was obvious our moves would not produce a victory or loss for either of us.

We both concentrated. Especially Robert. Five years old and deliberate. Thinks every move and the whole board at the same time. I am impressed with his playing.

Robert plays chess. Well! So does Ally. They learned how to play at Montessori.

Robert says checkers is harder than chess. I told him no. I could never learn how to play chess. It was too hard for me and took too much thinking. Robert disagrees.

Since I ate a huge lunch, I ate no dinner. Still struggling to lose that last pound.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well, I can see that you fellas have exerted some of your extensive influence and have started warming things up a bit.. It should be nice and toasty by the time we arrive..
    Patrick and JoAnn

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