The Widow Grimm took me out yesterday.

To the movies and dinner.

I first met Roland and Jackie Grimm about 10 years ago when I bought my home in Key West. They had purchased a Key West home at about the same time.

I used to run into Jackie in those days at Jack Baron’s gallery. We both had made friends with Baron. She was tall, thin, vivacious and absolutely lovely. Still is!

I admired Roland greatly. He was the smartest money man I ever met. He knew the market and finances as no other. Roland passed on last year. Sad.

Jackie gave me a call thursday and asked if I wanted to go to the movies. She had purchased two tickets for a special showing of two films at the Tropic Cinema for yesterday. The films were to be shown at 3:30.

I was a bit hesitant to accept. I had not been to an afternoon movie since my children were small. And what do you do after the movie? It’s still early.

The things I worry about.

We went.

One movie was a history of Aids here in Key West. Well done. A tribute to those who passed on and a larger tribute to those who were able to survive. The other was a film about Key West drag queens. It starred and was the story of Sushi. Sushi is a respected individual and top drag artist. Well admired and loved here in Key West. He stars at 801.

The films were good. Well done. However I could have done without both. Not my cup of tea on the infrequent occasions I get to attend a movie. I prefer a good comedy that leaves me bouncing when I leave the theatre.

The movies ended. It was only 5:30. Neither Jackie nor I are presedntly drinking. Too bad because it was the perfect time to have a few. I do miss an occasional drink.

We went over to the Chart Room. Jackie devoured club sodas and I diet Pepsi. And we ate popcorn. The Chart Room has the best popcorn.

Captain Peter was there. I introduced Jackie and Captain Peter. The Captain was taken with her. He still has the devil in him.

Dinner was light fare. Tapas upstairs at Louie’s Backyard. Good food. Excellent atmosphere.

Jackie beat me to the bill. She insisted on paying. She had invited me she said.

Our conversation was interesting through out the day. We both had a good time.

Thank you Jackie for a fun day.

And may each of you have an equally enjoyable day today!

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  1. Well, someone has to say something.. I'm surprised no one has said anything about the radio show.. Apparently no one watched it, or tried to watch it.. They must have only listened to it..
    How does one go about not drinking in KW?? Pheew, thats gotta be hard ! Ya gottz more will power than me.. Patrick and JoAnn.

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