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Please join me. I would like to share the hour with you.

The biggest event of the day yesterday was the Syracuse/Georgetown basketball game. The world stopped for it!

Syracuse ranked #5. Georgetown #10. Two giants!

Syracuse killed Georgetown two weeks ago in Syracuse. Last night the game was played at Georgetown.

I was concerned. Frankly, I questioned whether we would win. A doubtful Thomas!

Syracuse won!


Could have lost!

Syracuse was winning by 23 points at mid point in the second half. Georgetown made a run. What a run! All of a sudden it was a 1 point game! My heart was pounding! Syracuse finally pulled out the victory by 4 points.

Wow! One terrific game!

Now Syracuse has to get past Villanova next week. Then it will have been one hell of a season!

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. My growing entourage of Syracuse fans were there also. It is always more fun to watch a game with other fans.

Dan and Lisa from Skaneatles. Howard and Elaine from North Carolina. Dan and Sue from Spenceport. Steve, a 1977 Syracuse graduate, who now lives full time in Key West. The Scott family of trucking fame. Hello Sybil! And a new couple. I cannot recall their names. They own a big computer medical billing company in Auburn. Turns out Skaneatles Dan and the husband grew up together in Auburn.

There were tons of other Syracuse fans also.

It was a loud noisy evening. Many highs and lows. And one huge sigh of relief when the game had concluded with Syraciuse winning!

I stopped at the Chart Room before the game.

Mike and Tina were in from Hartford. They get here on a regular basis at least once a month. Soon I will not be seeing them for a while. They may be heading to Japan to live and work for a few years.

Captain Peter, Dan and Frank were at the bar. Good people.

What an evening! Go Syracuse!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ok, so Tiger went to therapy for sex addicts. Today he comes out with his scripted apology, then its back to therapy, maybe some medication and vavoom, he's going back to being Tiger!

    Like so many other people like him (you know, those guys with with power and influence), after he apologizes you can choose to accept his stripes and move forward.

    If I were married to someone like that, I might be able to live with the stripes. The horns are somewhat of a problem though….


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