It finally happened! Syracuse lost! The second time this season. They are now 23-2.

Terrible! A tragedy! But deserved. They did not play well.

Louisville beat Syracuse 66-60. Syracuse was leading by 11 points at one time in the first half. And by 2 mid point in the second half.

Louisville is not in the same league as Syracuse this year. Louisville may not even make it to the big tournamnet. Last night helps them, however.

Syracuse deserved to lose. It was time. Perhaps inevitable. Maybe now they will return to playing a 40 minute game.

Syracuse plays Georgetown next. Thursday night. Georgetown is ranked #7. However Georgetown lost yesterday to Rutgers. It will be a grudge game. Syracuse beat Georgetown by 17 points a couple of weeks ago at Syracuse. Thursday’s game is at Georgetown. Going to be wild!

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. A Syracuse group has gathered.

Dan and Lisa from Skaneateles were back. Their friends Howard and Elaine from North Carolina. Dan from the Rochester area. His son went to Syracuse’s Maxwell School. And the Scott family.

All will be back for the Georgetown game Thursday. A blood committment.

The Scott family was a family. Three generations of them. Some 2-3 years old.

The Scotts are from the Blossville, New York area. Blossville is just outside Rome and close to or touches Oneida Lake.

I first spoke with Courtney. She grew up with Syracuse basketball. She now lives with her family on Oneida Lake. A couple of the little ones were hers. They all were wearing Syracuse tee or sweat shirts. Cute! Reminded me of my grandchildren when we would take them to the Syracuse games years ago.

Mother Scott is Sybil. A die hard Syracuse fan also.

The father of the brood was Lynn. I may have his first name wrong. If so, I apologize.

They have a family business. The Lynn H. Scott Trucking Company. Well known in the area. A sizable organization. Respected.

See you guys Thursday!

The game was early. At 1. So afterwards I stopped at Borders to continue reading Game Change. Spent a couple of hours.

I am at the point where Hillary has lost the primary. She and Obama just did there thing in Unity, New Hampshire. Tensions remain high between them.

Interestingly, every one thought Bill Clinton was screwing things up. Every one except for Bill Clinton. They relegated him to the small towns in hopes that anything improper he might say would be overlooked. As the campaign team learned, a former President is never overlooked!

Valentine Day dinner was at Lisa’s. The grandkids were excited. They had been to a party earlier at their school, Montessori. They were tired. Robert fell asleep before dinner.

We had a great family meal. Followed by a special Valentine cake with a sprinkled heart on top. Lisa and the grandkids had made it.

While watching the basketball game, I received a call from Guy deBoer, my boss and Konk radio station owner. My radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour has been moved from Thursday to Tuesday. It will be heard at 10 in the morning.

No problem.

And the station number has changed. It is no longer 1680. It is now 1500. The reason for the change is to provide more power. The radio portion now will be heard far up the keys.

The internet remains the best place to listen. And watch! Worldwide.

The first thing on the agenda this morning is babysitting. Robert and Ally have the day off. Poppa has to work. Ally just telephoned. They are waiting for me!

Enjoy your day!

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