My son in law Corey has lived in Key West for more than 25 years. He is the Director of Archeology at the Mel Fisher Museum. Corey says he never remembers it being so cold so long. Plus, the weather is strange. Every week or so there is a mid to high 70s day.

Corey says it does not make sense.

I spent quite a while at Borders yesterday. I continue to read Game Change. A good political book! It covers the 2008 Presidential campaign.

I just finished the Texas primary. Hillary won. But it is obvious she is going to lose.

Yesterday’s interesting observation was the disorganization and lack of money in the Hillary camp. Surprising since she was the up front anticipated winner.

A very beautiful young Asian woman sat next to me at Borders. She was reading an Anne Rice book. I warned her she would end up having nightmares. Rice writes vampire tales. She laughed. We talked a bit. A most pleasant person.

Lisa telephoned while I was at Borders. There is a new toy store in Key West. Supposed to be terrific. They were taking Robert and Ally. Did I want to go? Yes. These are the things one does when retired.

I left my new found oriental friend for the grandkids.

The new toy store is known as the Key West Toy Factory. It is located in the Clinton Square Market. The gray/white building next to the Custom House. On the second floor.

A wow! Outstanding! Go see it even if you are not a kid or have no kids. That good!

The store takes up half the floor. Its appointments/decorations are terrific! You enter through a forest with an iguana (I can’t get away from them), turtle and other animals. Then you are into this huge room. So large, it is overwhelming!

There is a huge pirate ship. With all kinds of canons. Hanging overhead is a very big white shark, a hammerhead and an octopus. Everything is jungle. A family of monkeys.

There was a magician. He did a show just for Robert and Ally. They were impressed and excited!

The toys are quality. Prices fair. Neither high nor low. And lots of customers. There was a steady flow in and out. One problem though. I did not see any one making purchases. Look, yes. Buy, no. Such could be a problem.

Go take a look. Worth the visit.

I ran into Catain Peter at the Chart Room last night. First time I had seen him in weeks. He told me he had been in Miami for surgery. He is back, working and well now!

I had dinner at the bar at Outback. Watched the winter Olympics.

I do not understand the scoring yet. I was watching the skiing/flips and was confused. I shall eventually get it.

Big day today! Sunday!

Syracuse plays Louisville at 1. I shall be at the Sports Page Bar watching. Having lunch at the same time.

Then to Borders to read more of Game Change.

Dinner is with Lisa and the family tonight. It is Valentine Day. Happy Valentine Day to all! Lisa and the grandkids are baking a special cake for the event. It will be a warm and loving evening with them.

Enjoy your day!

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