I met a gentleman from France yesterday. Actually, I had seen him many times before but we never spoke. Yesterday we did. Although I still do not know his name.

He sits near me in the Coffee House. We seem to be there at the same time each day. With one difference. He does not read the papers. He has one of those flat screeened computer books he reads.

Our talk started with my questioning him on the computer book he had purchased. Around $500. The print could be enlarged.

It was the second computer book he has owned. Carried French as well as English novels. He was presently reading a French written novel.

Now that the ice is broken, we will continue to talk. I suspect he is a very interesting person and we shall become friends.

Key West never ceases to amaze me. It attracts all sorts. This week alone I have met a lady from Switzerland in addition to the gentleman from France.

Shonassie wrote me yesterday. I do not know if that is her name. I suspect it is.

Shonassie writes a blog also. It is called Shonassie-Ville. A nice title. She lives in Cereal City, Michigan. Another different name.

I read some of her blogs. She appears to be a very nice person. She basically shares with her readers what she did the day before and books she reads. Somewhat as I do.

Her blog is good! You will enjoy reading it. http://www.shonassieville.blogspot.com/.

In her blog yesterday she commented on my complaining about the Key West weather when it was in the 50s. Football weather for her! Cold for me! The last time I cried about 50ish weather hers was plus 7 degrees. Without the chill factor as she was wont to point out!

She also mentioned the cold and the “stunned iguanas.” It is obvious my new found friend has not lived with them. They are not nice creatrues. They dump all over the place with no human following them around with a plastic bag to pick up the stuff. And they eat expensive plants! Which periodically must be replaced at an expense.

So iguanas are not popular with Key West residents.

The recent 3 week cold spell did not affect them. They are smart! The iguanas disappeared. News reports afterwards advised that they went into hibernation as bears do. Once the warm weather returned, they returned.

The ocean fish were not so lucky. Thousands died from the cold water. Their bodies could be seen floating. We still do not know the affect the cold has had or will have on the fishing industry.

Turtles took a beating big time. In one 3 day period, in excess of 60 were discovered sick and dying. Fortunately, we have a turtle hospital in the keys. In Marathon. They were taken there. Most were saved. In some instances surgery was required. Most if not all have been released back into the ocean.

The lady who writes Shonassie-Ville asks how I lost 30 pounds in 2 months. Not quite. Only 28 so far. The reason is twofold and simple. First, I am anal. If I opt to do something, I do it! No screwing around. So I followed the diet precisely. Second, the diet is 1,000 calories a day. Tough! Weight loss is inevitable!

Last night was a quiet one for me.

I stopped first at the Chart room. Jam packed! All tourists! Not even a seat. I had one drink and left.

We are into the tourist season. I knew I would have difficulty getting a seat for dinner anywhere. So I decided to go to Hogfish on Stock Island. I had fish and chips and read the local newspapers. Except I skipped the chips. Had a double cole slaw instead. The diet!

Speaking of tourists and crowds, I went over to the golf course yesterday afternoon. I wanted to get my bag of old Pings that had been sitting in the bag shack for years.

I brought a couple of towels. The bag and clubs were filthy. I cleaned them and brought them home.

The crowd! The parking lot was full. They were backed up on the 1st and 10th tees 3 and 4 groups. Wow! I have never seen it that busy. The club made money yesterday.

I am glad I play early in the morning. Nine o’clock being early. Vacationers are still in bed at that time.

Lovely out this morning. Looks like a high 70s day in the making with a clear sky. I feel sorry for those people in Washington, D.C., Baltimore and southern New Jersey who are getting pounded with 20-30 inches of snow.

Enjoy your day!

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