Yesterday was a wonderful one!

The radio show went terrific! It is exciting doing the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

One of the legal matters discussed yesterday was the Roman Polanski problem. Polanski skipped the United states back in the late 1970s. He was facing a jail term for an episode with a 13 year old girl. He has since been living in Europe. Last year the State of California tried to extradite him. After all those years! The case is pending, legal arguments being made. Polanski remains under house arrest in Switzerland.

Polanski is one tough guy!

He is Jewish. Born and being raised in Poland when the Germans invaded. It was this invasion which was the beginning of World War II. His mother was sent to Auschwitz from which she never returned. His father went to another concentration camp, but did survive.

Polanski was a teen ager. He settled in the Krakow Ghetto and fought the Nazis to survive. He finally escaped the Ghetto. He was fortunate to hook up with a Catholic family. They took him in and he was portrayed as a Catholic for the balance of the war. Thus did he survive the war and the Nazis.

His wife was Sharon Tate. You will recall that she was the pregnant woman hung by her wrists from a ceiling beam and killed by the Charles Manson group.

This Roland Polanski is one tough guy! He has experienced much of the bad in life! A survivor! His background adds to the drama of his present legal problems.

I stopped at Don’s Place after the radio show. I was looking for my league golf partner Rob. I did not know if we were to play a match on friday. Found Rob. He was bartending. No match. Larry Smith cannot make it.

Then to the Coffee House. I enjoy sitting there and reading the newspapers.

Key West has walk nights. A commercial street is selected. And the natives walk for 2-3 hours, visit the stores and partake of food and drink goodies.

Last night was 1st Thursday Art Walk. First thursday of the month. The primary street was Caroline.

I did the Walk!

Loved Barb Grob’s Art Bar! Love Barb Grob! She was featuring last night some paintings by Hatian Sally Binard. Sally lost six family members in the recent earthquake. The proceeds from her sales were to help Haiti.

After the Art Bar, I was off to the other side of Key West. To the other end of Duval. To that end of Duval that I often describe to as the place where locals go.

I did the Keys Piano Bar and La Te Da last night. They are across the street from each other. And feed off each other.

Bobby Nesbitt was finishing up when I first arrived at the Keys Piano Bar. He plays cocktail hour till 9 pm. Always a pleasure hearing Bobby sing!

Jennifer Kruskamp one of the New York piano bar singers. Good. And Mark Watson. Always good.

Across the street at La Te Da, it was Debra and Patrick.

I have not been to La Te Da in a while. Debra and Patrick are mainstays there during the season. For well over 10 years. Debra is the best! Love her! Love her voice!

I am close to my goal with the diet. 28 pounds so far. 30 was and is my goal. 2 pounds to go. Hard! The last few pounds seem to be taking forever! I truly am sick of this diet. The worst I have ever been on. But it works rapidly. It has only been 2 months.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Yep, Roman Polanski is 'one tough guy'. I think he about 6 years old when Germany invaded Poland. He did have the good fortune to marry a nice beautiful girl that was brutally murdered in 1969.He also was a 40 something year old adult that forced an 'episode' upon a 13 year old girl and then ran to Europe with his tail tucked between his legs because he wasn't man enough to face up to his actions and afraid that he would have to suffer the appropriate consequences.Thats the story and I'm sticking to it.. Patrick of Patrick and JoAnn..

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