Good morning!

Rise and shine!

A new day in the making! A good one!

It is cold and gray now. The window is open. I can see and taste the ocean. A chilly breeze is coming in.

The Weather Channel says worry not. Going to 76 today!

Played golf yesterday! It was cold! Never really warmed up. It was that chill off the ocean.

I played with Tom, Tino and Aaron.

I was tired from the first tee. I do not understand why. I stayed tired for the whole round. It was work.

Tom was the big winner at $10. Aaron and I the big losers at $4 each. Not bad.

I did not play well till the last 6 holes. We switch partners every 6 holes. Tom was my partner on the last 6. I always play well when I play with him. As I did yesterday, again.

After golf I went home to bed. Slept.

Lisa called at dinner time. It was Corey’s birthday. The for real day. They were going to the Chinese restaurant near Publix. She wanted me to join them. I said no. Too tired.

Eventually I got up, showered and decided to go out to dinner. Stopped at the Chinese restaurant hoping to catch the family. I did. They were opening fortune cookies. The table had not been cleaned. So I tasted a little bit of everything. Egg roll, a rib, some pork fried rice and what have you.

Then I was off to the Chart Room. Che, Sean and Katherine there. Sean and I talked at length about the radio station. He guest appears on many shows.

I left. Where to eat? I was not really hungry due to the Chinese episode. But needed a bit more.

I drove to Publix and bought a small steak. Went home and cooked it. And enjoyed eating it while reading the Confederacy book Tino had loaned to me a few days before. The steak was delicious. Its size in compliance with my diet. And loaded with protein.

I am close to the end of the diet. I am knocking on the door of 30 pounds. It can’t be too soon for me. I am sick of the diet!

Big day today! The radio show. Key West Lou Legal Hour. KONK 1680 AM. At 1 pm. Listen in!

You can watch also on the internet.

Give me a call to chat while I am doing the show. 305-294-2769.

Big stuff today. Roman Polanski, medical marijuana, the recent political contribution Supreme Court decision, don’t drink/don’t tell, the Proposition 8 California trial, civilian vs. military tribunals, Lady Al Qaeda, more Florida dumb weird laws, Presidents as lawyers and the proposed AIG $100 million bonus pay out.

Enjoy your day!

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