I am up and at ’em early this morning. It’s just after 5.

I spent yesterday morning working on thursday’s radio show. Another exciting Key West Lou Legal Hour in the making. Some Roman Polanski, don’t ask, don’t tell and more on the recent Supreme Court decision regarding corporate political contributions.

Listen in. Watch. Conch radio at KONK 1680 AM. The internet at http://www.konkam.com/. Telephone in with questions and comments to 305-294-2769.

I stopped at the Coffee House around noon to read the papers and sip some coffee. A good crowd. Made a new friend and met an old friend.

Michelle sat in the chair next to me. A lovely lady. Nattily attired. A constant smile on her face. She is originally from Switzerland. Has lived in Key West since 1994. And we have never met before! I though I knew everyone here.

Gail stopped in. I am always happy to share her company. I also need her help with some computer postings. She knows everything about computers. She gave me her e mail address and I will be writing to her later today for help.

Then it was over to Borders to continue reading Game Change by John Heilmann and Mark Halperin. An interesting book! It is like being a fly on the wall inside a room when all sorts of discussions and moves were being planned during the 2008 Presidnetial campaign. Turns out Obama was a hard sell about running. He could not make up his mind about making the race. Michelle was not in favor of it either early on.

I spent a bit of time at the Chart Room last night. Michael bartending. No more Mark. He has moved over to Don’s Place.

Michael is a former Vietnam Marine. A sharp shooter. I asked him about gays in the military. He said he did not care. Nor did he ever meet anyone who did care. All he and any one else was concerned with was that every other combatant with him did his job. It was life and death. Every one had to function as trained. Otherwise it was good bye. Sex had nothing to do with staying alive in battle.

The gays in the military was all over the TV yesterday because of the Senate hearing to change the don’t ask, don’t tell rule. That is why I engaged Michael on the issue.

Jack Baron was a very good friend. He was a Key West artist who died 5 years ago.

Jack and I used to have all kinds of discussions covering all kinds of subjects. One was homosexuality. Jack was gay. Jack once said to me…..Louis, there is nothing different between you and me. I have to work for a living, have bills to pay, am concerned for my health and the health of others and so on…..I get sick……I am happy…..I worry…..The only difference is sex. You like women and I like men.

Jack was right! He always was!

So…..if the gays can fight and die for us, they should be able to openly live as a gay person.

It is time.

I went over to Hot Tin Roof for dinner. Valerie bartending. John hosting and managing.

Val is married to former bartender and New Zealand offspring Clayton. Clayton no longer bartends. He and Val have opend a tee shirt business. Dirty Dog Tees. What a name! Funny tees! Take a look at http://www.dirtydogtees.com/.

Speaking of tee shirts, my Key West Lou tee shirt continues to sell well at Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West. It is the only place where you can buy it. Lisa tells me her four biggest sellers are the Key West Lou tee shirt, Key West bunt cake, Terri white’s new CD and Key West books. http://www.viakeywest.com/.

It is always good to be in John’s company. While busily managing Hot Tin Roof, he still has time to chat with me. John is a college basketball freak, as I am! His school is Wisconsin. Wisconsin is ranked #16. They played Michigan State who is #5 last night. I caught the game at home. Wisconsin destroyed Michigan State. John must have gone crazy!

Syracuse also won last night. No big deal though. They beat Providence handily. Syracuse is ranked #3 and #4 in the two polls this week.

Golf this morning. The weather should be perfect. In the low 70s.

Enjoy your day!

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