It rained big time yesterday! Heavy, off and on.

The temperature was good however. Low 70s by day and night.

I finally got over to Borders. It has been a while. I wanted to start reading Game Change. The book gives snipits of insights into the 2008 Presidential race. Interesting! Surprising! Many big Democrats in the Senate privately encouraged Obama to run while they were openly supporting Hillary.

Two novels going at one time. At home I am reading Confederates in the Attic. It describes why some Southerners today live a weekend life of reenacting Civil War battles. Really interesting! Different! Tino gave it to me to read.

I had to send one piece of paper to Utica, N.Y. Had to overnight it. Decided to use Fed Ex. Expensive! $28!

Later in the afternoon I visited with Lisa after she returned home from work. Robert and Ally came home from school. Played with them a bit.

Last night started with the Chart Room, as usual. No Marty. Still in Hallendale. Spoke with him on the phone. He does not know when he will be returning. He does not love us any more!

Dinner was at La Trattoria. Kathy bartending. Always friendly. Lovely Beecha hosting. Actually Beecha manages the whole place. She’s the boss! A heavy responsibility job! We chatted off and on during the course of the evening.

I lucked out last night. Caught two great old time movies on TV.

It must have been Peter O’Toole night. Man of La Mancha and Lawrence of Arabia. Wow pics!

Man of La Mancha had a long Broadway run. I recall seeing it 3 times on Broadway with 3 different leads. I can see the face of each lead clearly. However I cannot recall any of their names. Alshiemers!

Enjoy your day!

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