Sunday is supposedly a day of rest. Yesterday was.

It may have had to do a bit with the weather. It sprinkled off and on all day. Gray. Made it sort of an extra lazy day.

I spent the morning in bed watching Meet the Press and the other talk shows.

Then I was off to Don’s Place. A Sunday place. Not yesterday. There were all of about 20 people. No football and no free eats make for no business. The weather had something to do with it also.

So I headed over to the Coffee House on Duval. Glad I did. I had the best time. I read the New York Times, cover to cover. First time I have done that in such detail in a while. Took about 3 hours.

There was an interesting article on the front page of the first section. Left hand column. A major article.

It basically set forth that China was the world leader the past 2 years in the manufacture of items for solar power, wind power and nuclear reactors. Items of renewable energy and otherwise. That the United States really has yet to begin.

The article contained an observation that sticks with me. The United States has depended on the Middle East for years for its power supply, to wit: oil. That if the United States did not get into the manufacture of renewable energy quickly and in big time, our energy dependency in the future would move to the Far East. China!

And we would have replaced one less than friendly peoples for another in satisfying our energy needs.

All very interesting. Thought provoking. Part of Obama’s State of the Union speech.

Talk is one thing. Action another. Obama has to move us in the direction of manufacture and use of renewable energy dramatically. Now, not tomorrow. And everyone, Democrat and Republican alike, should support him in this endeavor. This is not a No issue.

Lisa’s for dinner!


Turkey and all the goodies that go with it.

I cheated on my diet. The food looked too good! Hot rolls were my downfall. Buttered and dunked in gravy. I have been on a low carb diet. I made up for it yesterday.

Corey’s birthday is tuesday. He will be 47. We celebrated it at dinner last night. We will be celebrating it again tuesday at dinner.

Lisa asked Corey what kind of a cake he wanted. He said strawberry. None of us know how he came up with that flavor.

She asked Robert and Ally what they wanted for frosting. Chocolate with sprinkles.

So birthday cake ended up being strawberyy with chocolate frosting covered with sprinkles. Delicious!

Remember Mike and Tina from Hartford. They have owned a home here in Key West for years. They are part of the Key West fabric.

Both Mike and Tina are members of the military forces of the Conch Republic. Mike is in the Conch Air Force. He flies a World War I bi plane during the annual battle commerating Key West’s secession from the Union some 25 years ago. He is a bombadier. He drops rolls of toilet paper on the U.S. Coast Guard vessels. Tina is a member of the Conch Navy. She mans a pirate ship and throws eggs, tomatoes and heads of lettuce at the Coast Guard cutters.

Like these people!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Due to the money we have borrowed from China for several years it has given them the power to become a world power. Watch as they become number one and if we are fortunate if we drop only to number 2. They have been quietly planning and working towards this goal for many years. You don't have to believe me, just do your research and it will prove itself true.

  2. (1) Unfortunately for us, OBH44 is an inexperienced "talker"; not a "do-er". We need a "leader"; not a "community organizer". Every politician lectures us about "energy independence". Little gets done. If we still funded the Federal Government on tariffs and duties like the Dead Old White Guys wanted us to do, then the gooferment would be a lot smaller and less intrusive. AND, we'd have energy independence. because solutions here would be cheaper than imported oil from there. Maybe we might have a car industry too, instead of having sent allt he jobs overseas. Too late, we get smart. It might be way too late.

    (2) With all the secession talk, maybe Mike and Tina can do some stuff for real. When the S hits the fan, maybe we can replace the FED's "dollar" with a Constitutional gold and silver money. The we'd be once again the envy of the world with "honest money". Maybe then we could get working on the national debt so that we don't condemn the children to Haiti-like poverty. Inter-generational theft will be how we are remembered as the progeny try to pay off the Chinese.

  3. A couple things as usual..
    Apparently Lou doesn't read these things cuz he never answers a question..
    What kind of 'world war 1 bi-plane' does Mike fly?? The only bi-plane I've seen in the area is a 1941 [or 42] WACO[the orange one]. If there is another one I'd like to go see it[or even drive it]..
    It seems like good ole Jimmy Carter started/created the energy department which has a budget of 150 billion/yr which sole purpose was to help our country become less dependent on foreign oil.. How's that been working out for us?? The only good thing I've heard our new president say is how he is now in favor of nuclear power.. It seems like thats quite a switch, although, its a good switch..
    One thing I've certainly learned over the years is to stay away from political discussions when in Key West. I like a good discussion but most can't argue their views very well. They just argue and then get angry. So its easier to just keep quiet,smile,laugh and have another drink or 2 or 12..
    Still counting the days..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  4. Isn't it wonderful that we still have freedom of speech in our country. The day we lose that is the day our country, as we know it, is over. Hope all that are verbalizing are also voting!

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