Good morning world!

Great radio show yesterday! The listening public increases each week. People like it. Thank you for tuning me in.

Modern science is amazing. The Key West Lou Legal Hour is a radio show. However it can be seen! On the intrernet! All over the world. A wow from my perspective!

There are two ladies living in Milan, Italy who watch while sipping wine and eating cookies. Our 1 pm time show is on at 7 pm in Milan. Then there are a bunch of groupies (the only way to describe them) in Jakarta, Indonesia who gather to view the show on the internet at 1 am their time.

May the radio show continue to entertain and be successful!

It was back home for me immediately after the show. More paper work to do. Usually I go out for lunch. Yesterdy I could not.

It was Hogfish at dinner time last night. It’s convenient for me. The next island down. The food is good. And my friend Yankee Jack sings on Thursday evenings..

The place was packed. Yankee’s groupies. Not a seat to be had on the side where he was playing.

So I walked into the bar looking for a spot. Before I found one, a lovely blonde came up to embrace and kiss me. I did not recognize her at first. My eyes. I need new glasses. It was Jules! My bocce partner!

Jules was having dinner at the bar with two lady friends. Janice and Linda.

Jules is in sales at the Westin. Janice and Linda are staying there. They do an annual trip to the Westin at this time each year and have become friends with Jules over time.

Janice is a self employed meeting planner. From Kansas City. A charmer. Linda is in computer support and hails from Yorktown, Virginia. A lovely. Actually both ladies were charming and lovely.

The women met while both were living in Boca Raton back when. They now meet in Key West to celebrate their birthdays each year. Linda’s was last Sunday and Janice’s is this Sunday.

I think they should invite me to Janice’s celebration this Sunday.

Jules is always the best. A great girl to be around. My bocce partner. We both can’t wait for the new season to start.

We have been playing on one of Don’s teams the past 4 years. Bat Construction. We are being moved to another of Don’s teams this season. The Donkeys. Don, Jules, Rob and I are being traded, so to speak. Just like professional baseball and football. None of us are happy about it. But we have no control.

The one good thing is that Joanie will be my team mate on the Donkeys. She has been a Donkey star forever. I have loved her for years.

I had a very good time last night with Jules and her friends. I lucked out in running into them. And in the background was the melodius voice of Yankee Jack. A great evening in every respect!

I think I am going to have a screw off day today. I have some paper work to finish. Should take me to about 10. Then I am off to do nothing things the rest of the day. Like read the newspapers at the Coffee House, start a new book at Borders, maybe lunch at the Yacht Club and who knows what.

Enjoy your day!

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