Controversey abounds!

First, there is the Phil Mickelson thing. He is being critcised for using some old golf clubs. Specifically, Ping wedges with square grooves. Ones which were manufactured before April 1, 1990.

A legality issue has arisen.

Most professional golfers say it is wrong to use the clubs. Others say it is ok. There was a rule change followed by a court case. Ping won the court case. In effect, the decision legitimatized the square groove clubs manufatured by Ping.

These square grooves are supposed to provide an advantage. They assist in making the ball spin when hit out of the rough. Which means the ball will hit the green and hold with more precision.

Life moves in strange ways. Last Wednesday I was at the golf course. I keep 2 sets of clubs there. An old set. My first set. And a newer set purchased about 7 years ago.

I never use the older set. It is in a corner covered with dust.

The pro talked to me Wednesday about the old set. He asked if I knew what I had. I can hardly play golf. How would I know!

Turns out my old set gathering dust are pre 1990 Pings with square grooves. He said hold on to them. Some day they are going to be worth money.

Wednesday’s conversation meant nothing to me till yesterday when the Mickelson story hit the news. Now I understand!

I watched President Obama meet with the House Republicans yesterday. What an appearance!

In effect, it was him all alone with the enemy.

He was terrific!

The questions asked him were loaded and tough. He handled them all deftly. He understood the issues. I was impressed with the depth of his knowledge. His responses contained no bullshit. He knew what he was talking about. Where he agreed with a questioneer, he agreed. Where he disagreed, he did so firmly but as a gentleman.

I thought he showed more respect to the Republicans than they showed him. Some forgot with their snoddiness that he is the President of the United States. Whatever happened to respect the office even if you might not respect the man.

I am glad Obama is my President during these trying times. If there was any doubt, it was erased yesterday.

My day otherwise yesterday was busy. Paperwork took more hours than anticipated. It was an off and on thing. Five hours in the morning. Two in the late afternoon. In between, I sneaked in a visit with Lisa after her work day.

I stayed home last night. I was mentally drained. My body was even tired. It was early to bed and sleep.

The weather has turned again. Back to warm. I hope to get out today and move my body around. Perhaps I will start the day with a bike ride around the island.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well, its -6 degrees F in the great white north of upstate New York this fine morning..
    Shouldn't Gary get some kind of an award for suffering the slings and arrows of being your first radio caller??
    I have to admit that I came away with a completely different opinion of the SOTU speech and also of the speech with the Republicans..
    Still counting the days.. Patrick and JoAnn

  2. Lou,

    I am in complete agreement with you about the lack of respect shown to Obama. He is our President and the office should be shown respect even if we disagree with his policies (which I do).

    However, this same lack of respect was shown to Bush when he was President by the same people that are now calling for respect for Obama.

    This is what infuriates the half of the country who supported Bush.

    How about let's hear from all the Obama supporters, now clamoring for respect for Obama, admitting that they treated Bush with a lack of respect and are sorry for that.

    Maybe we can then move forward and tackle the issues together.


  3. Lou –

    Your blog and now your radio show are losing the flavor of Key West. People go to Key West to escape everything you talk about almost daily now. I'm going to give myself a break from Key West Chris Mathews for a while!

    We don't want Obama and Bush! We want Sloppy Joes and Hog's Breathe!

  4. Ok, I'm taking notes.. I haven't listened to Key West radio. I guess I don't listen to the radio when I'm there.. So the local FM station freq is 104.1.. Is the your AM Freq 680 ? We'll see if LOU really reads these comments.. Patrick and JoAnn..

  5. I keep telling my kids that they need to break the "Back of the Bus Syndrome." Just because the high school bullies kicked you out of the back seat of the bus when you were little doesn't mean you should do the same when you get bigger. Those who have been given intelligence and wisdom need to step forward and do what is right. ie work to get us out of our economic mess and make future life better for all, including my children and yours.

  6. Lou DOES read and respond to comments, as you can observe if you read every post since inception, which I have done.

    Only Lou can answer if he reads these comments everyday but if you read all of his posts, you will see several times where Lou acknowledged comments in the next days post.


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