Golf yesterday.

It was cold. Low 60s.

A good group. Don, Tom, Tino, Aaron and me.

Every one shot better than me. By 20 to 35 strokes. Nothing new! However I was not the big loser. Strokes help. Aaron shot 20 strokes better than me and was the big loser. Tom was the big winner.

Last night was Aqua time with Bobby Nesbitt. Great singing! Great people listening! I enjoy Bobby.

Dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Erin bartending. Ed Swift there. Aaron and Karen came in. The owners of Michael’s Restaurant, also. Always the sign of a good restaurant when other dining establishment owners frequent another place of business as theirs.

I hurried home after dinner. I wanted to watch President Obama’s State of the Union address. I made it just in time.

I get a chill each time the door to Congress opens and a booming voices announces…..”The President of the United States!”

My reaction to the speech was mixed. I don’t know. Words are fine. Actions better. We have to wait and see. The President has a full plate. There is much to be done. Against an adamantly fixed opposition. The “No” crowd.

Time will tell.

Radio show today!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour. At 1 pm. KONK 1680 AM. Better to turn on the computer and go to The show can be seen as well as heard! Call in and talk with me. 305-294-2769. Say hello, ask a question, agree or disagree with something I said. I would love to hear from you.

I am now at 25 pounds lost on the diet. It has taken 2 months. 30 pounds was my goal. I do not know if I am going to make it. The last few pounds are the hardest to lose. It is like climbing a mountain.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hang in there Lou. Sometimes you hit a plateau when you diet and then suddenly the weight starts to come off again.God,I hate diets !!!

  2. Hey Anonymous from Jan. 28, 2010 I REALLY liked your comments about the economic situation and "Mr. Drucker." They were right on! I too think, and have thought, that our present economic quagmire is as much to do with our American spending habits as the lack of jobs/industry. Keeping up with the Jones has finally come to roost. Remember when we were told by the last administration to "spend ourselves out of the resession?" Many were given "stimulus" money to go and spend!! (Don't pay off your credit cards though because that doesn't really help the economy.) Opps!!! I, instead of living responsible financially, have spent the money I should have paid off my credit card with!! Now I can't even pay my mortgage either!!! Man I really wanted to keep that extra house on Key Haven. Damn!! I'm going to blame Obama. That makes me feel better! I miss the days that my home value was pumped up and I could take out a second mortgage and buy the things I really need!
    Lou, how about a talk show topic about the blame game. Are we really, any of us, including the republicans and democrates fiscally responsible? Do we need a depression wake up call to become financially responsible? Is this where the political deadlock in congress is taking us? Who do you trust with your money?

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