I sleep with the TV on.

I woke this morning to Nelson Eddy singing. Eddy was a 1930s baritone and big time movie star. The Pavarotti of his day.

A nice way to wake!

Cold last night. Long pants and leather jacket time. In the high 50s during the evening while I was sleeping. 62 degrees now. The high today will only reach 67.

Crazy weather!

I play golf this morning. Long pants and heavy tops.

My teeth are falling apart. Lost 2 porcelin caps this past week. Had to see a dentist yesterday.

I saw Dr. George Lindner. He did a good job. Rebonded. I had one of the caps. The other I apparently swallowed.

First time I saw Dr. Lindner. Turns out he is my neighbor. He lives around the corner from me in Key Haven on West Cypress Terrace.

If a visit to the dentist can be an enjoyable experience, I enjoyed my time with Dr. Lindner. He is a Rutgers graduate. So we got to chat about Big East basketball and the Syracuse/Rutgers rivalry.

Lindner is relatively new to Key West. He bought out the Old Towne Dental practice on Simington last year and he and his wife relocated to Key West.

Last night was Yacht Club time. Bobby Nesbitt packed the place!

I had a couple of drinks at the bar and chatted with friends. Two are a husband and wife realtor team. They told me of a home that just sold in Key Haven for $324,000. Key Haven is the island of multi million dollar homes. The home had been foreclosed upon. The bank was happy to get anything it could. There was a cash buyer and the bank grabbed the money, even though it was significantly less than the debt owing.

When will this economic recession end? It’s frightening! Obama, move your ass. Chart a clear course tonight in your State of the Union address and follow it!

The bar was too noisy for dinner. So I drove over to Outback for my 6 ounce sirloin and veggies meal which fit my diet perfectly. I am stalemated at 24 pounds lost. Wish that scale needle would move! I am getting sick of the diet!

Great basketball last night. I watched Kentucky get beat by South Carolina. Kentucky was #1 in the rankings and the only undefeated basketball team left. No more.

South Carolina came through when it had to and deserved to win. South Carolina’s record to date is unimpressive. I think they have lost 6 games. I watched them lose by 2 points Saturday night and thought they had a good team. They definitely had that good team last night. The better team. Congratulations, South Carolina!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. "Move your ass" ???

    Obama should "move his ass", why -so you don't have to move yours?

    An American Economic Tale-

    A piece of candy in the general store is 10 cents. I have 3 cents. I cannot afford the piece of candy.

    I WANT WANT WANT the Candy NOW. Mr. Drucker is willing to lend me 7cents to buy the candy based upon my ability to repay the 7 cents over time, from the income from my paper route. He lends me the cash, I buy the candy. I am HAPPY! THANKS MR. DRUCKER!

    I told Mr. Drucker I make 12 cents per week. I really only make 7 and I already owed 4 of that to Miss Polly for the overalls I bought two weeks ago. I'm behind on my payments to her. Why? Because I like going to the picture show and the occasional ginger beer. I have to live you know!

    Anyway, Drucker (the rotten s.o.b. that hooked me for the loan on the candy) and that pig Polly (who suckered me into the loan for the overalls) are both looking for their money now. I don't have it. I lost my paper route because I wasn't doing a good job delivering the paper and I kept bugging my boss for a pay raise and to have my route shortened. He's a jerk too!

    So, here I am with no job, all kinds of bills and I have only one man to blame. THE MAYOR!!

    Its all the Mayor's fault. If he didn't allow the rotten Miss Polly and Mr. Drucker to lend money to people like me who have exaggerated their income, keep wanting more and more and more, but want to do less and less and less to obtain it, WE wouldn't be in this mess.

    That Mayor better MOVE HIS ASS and fix my problems right now!

    The End.

    Your blog is actually pretty damn funny. The real estate market in the snowbird capital of the world that you live in is in peril and because foreclosed property is being auctioned to the highest bidder so that a bank can get something back, you're all up in arms!

    I suggest you take a gander 200 miles to the south of you, where quite literally every human being who survived a real catastrophe would probably give the rag off their back to have the problems that you and everyone else who paid inflated prices for tiny homes in paradise have.

    Key West should start a new tradition. Instead of the running of the bulls, it could be known as the moving of the asses! We can line up our politicians and run them thru the streets while we throw stones at them in protest of all of our problems!

    What Ya Think KW Lou? How can we do less, want more and blame somebody else?

  2. $324K for any house in the keys is a steal.. Sure wish I'd been there first !! We would like to move there in about a year or so,, but,, with the economy in the 'Welfare State',, err,, 'Empire State' ,, it probably ain't gonna happen..Patrick and JoAnn

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