I never left the house yesterday.

I did paperwork half the day. And prepared for Thursday’s radio show the other half.

Remember the big court settlement the States made with the cigarette industry back in 1997. Florida got $11.3 billion. What happened to it? It is one of the things I will be talking about on the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

I was getting ready to go out for the evening when I discovered the Syracuse/Georgetown basketball game was available on TV in Key West. So I stayed home!

A major game! A big encounter! An anticipated battle between old rivalries!

Syracuse had only lost 1 game prior to last night’s meeting. Georgetown 3. Syracuse was ranked #4 in both national polls. Georgetown #7 and #11.

The game started badly for Syracuse. They were down 14-0 at the start of the game. Time to worry! I was!

Syracuse came back. Big time! Syracuse was winning by 5 points at half time. And won the game by 17!

Syracuse is good this year! Perhaps great! We shall see.

That was my day yesterday. A simple one.

Today I have more paperwork. And then the dentist at noon. I lost 2 porcelin caps this past week. I must be eating iron!

Enjoy your day!

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