Great radio show yesterday!

The best yet!

Thanks to those of you who listened in. The audience is growing by leaps and bounds.

The topics were timely.

I started with yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision giving corporations the right to make unlimited contributions for the advertising of political candidates.

I concluded the show with the trial which just started this past Tuesday in New York in civilian court of a foreign woman who is charged with attempted murder. The alleged crime having occurred in an Afghanistan police station and involving U.S. Military and FBI agents. The issue from my perspective was whether she should have been tried in a military or Afghanistan court as opposed to a civilian one. There is much background to the case. One item is that the defendant is related by marriage to Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the admitted mastermind of 9/11.

I was also pleased with yesterday’s show because I am getting better at fitting topics within the 9 1/2 minute segments I have between commercials. Not easy.

My back has been bothering me for a week. Not badly. Just consistently. I figured a week was long enough. So I saw the doctor yesterday. She ordered x-rays. I will know this morning. She suspects a disc problem. I hope she is wrong. That’s all I need at my age. I have osteoporosis so she may be correct.

Lisa needed me to babysit at dinner time. She, Corey and Robert had some event at Montessori involving Robert. Rather than stay in, I decided to take Ally to a Haitian relief benefit on White Street.

We walked. The event was nearby.

The primary reason I wanted to go was because the relief event was being sponsored by KONK 1680 AM radio. My station! The sponsor of the Key West Lou Legal Hour!

It was a street party on White. In front of the radio station. The street blocked off. Singers on a flat bed. Hot dogs, beer, huge cookies and other goodies. All free. Sort of. A donation required for whatever was consumed. A cool way to fund raise I thought.

Young ladies walking around with boxes. Just put a donation in the slot. Another good way to collect money for a good cause. And the two bicycles. Buy a chance and maybe win one.

Ally and I walked around. We bought a large chocolate chip cookie. Got a soda. And sat on the curb in front of Fausto’s eating and drinking and watching the singers and people.

The crowd grew in the hour we were there.

KONK 1680 AM is owned by Guy deBoer. He organized the event with the assistance of the station’s program director Mark “Ryno” Masca.

These guys had worked their asses off preparing for the event. And were all over the place last night.

Don Riggs, the station’s news director, was wandering around helping out also.

Ryno, by the way, is originally from Waterville, N.Y. about 15 miles south of my hometown of Utica.

DeBoer’s radio concept is exciting. His idea is to open up public dialogue and discussion on all issues affecting society. A different topic each hour from 7 am to 7 pm five days a week.

I enjoy participating. We are an on-air family.

And as evident, deBoer extends himself beyond the radio station. The Haitian fundraiser is an example.

All money raised from last night’s fundraiser and others will be used to purchase necessary supplies to be sent to Haiti. They will be delivered to that needy island by a local vessel. The Schooner Wolf will leave from Key West Bight on February 8 with the supplies.

Ally and I had a good time. She is at an age where she silently takes everything in. She absorbs.

The walk home was fun. It was dark. We were walking Duncan street. The street lights were on.
Ally got into shadows. Mine and hers. It was discovery time. She got all excited walking on my shadow!

The beauty and charm of a 4 year old!

It was still early. I had not eaten, except for a few bites of the cookie. So I decided to head out to Hogfish. Yankee Jack was singing.

What a crowd! The place was packed. Most appeared to be Yankee Jack groupies. They were sitting and drinking. Not eating. Whooping it up to Yankee’s diddies.

I enjoyed some hogfish. I enjoyed Yankee. I enjoyed the crowd.

Now you enjoy your day!

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  1. KW Lou – What a charming story about the walk home with your grand daughter!

    Be glad Ally isn't being raised by baby sitters and strangers like so many children are today. Some parents believe that as long as the materials keep coming, their kids are getting everything they need.

    On the contrary, the misguided parents are only teaching that life is more about expensive material goods and less about people and relationships. Sad.

    Доброе утро

  2. Regarding grand daughters, i am going to Disney with mine the end of February, what fun. The eyes of Disney from a 3 year old!!!!!

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