Strange day yesterday.

It started with an early telephone call from Lisa. Ally had a fever again. Could I babysit for a couple of hours? Of course.

Our time went well together. Ally and mine. We talked. Watched some kid’s movie on TV. Played tick, tack, toe.

My cell phone rang. It was the doctor’s office. The x rays showed a possible compression fracture of the spine. Needed an MRI.

When Lisa returned, I hurried over for the MRI.

Most, if not all of us, have had MRIs in the past. When they first came out, MRI’s were closed. Difficult to handle! Especially for one such as me who is claustrophobic. The newer ones were open and eliminated the problem.

Sometimes Key West can be behind the times when it comes to medicine. The MRI unit for me yesterday was of the old closed type. Wow! I kept my eyes closed the whole time and my mind every where else in the world.

My doctor telephoned later in the day. No fracture. My problem must be a back sprain. Stay on the motrin. Interestingly, since I started taking heavy doses of motrin the day before, I had had no back pain. Not even a little bit.

The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday. In the high 80s with only a slight breeze. I decided to have a special lunch to go with the special day.

Stone crabs.

I went out to the Shrimp Shack and bought a half dozen jumbo ones. Took them home. Rinsed them off. And ate them sitting on my deck under the tiki hut watching the boats go by.

My back felt great! The meal was terrific! The weather spectacular! A wave of ambition overtook me. I succumbed to it. A mistake.

I decided to wash the car. Me. With hose, pail and water.

I never wash my car. Servile labor and I are not a match.

The washing went well. I decided to put the top down so I could easily clean the inside of the car. The top popped open about an inch. And stopped! And then would neither open nor close.

I tried everything. Read the book kept in the glove compartment as to what to do. The top still would not budge.

I telephoned Audi emergency service. No problem. From their perspective. They would flat bed my car to Miami on Monday to the dealer. It was my headache to get the car back to Key West afterwards, however.

No bargain!

Last time I acquire a car in Miami. Niles dealership in Key West just got a new customer.

I telephoned Corey. My son in law has a talent at fixing everything mechanical. He is coming over this morning to try. He was already on the computer last night researching the problem and telephoning me with questions.

Obviously, I never got to go out last night. No way to travel! And if Corey cannot fix the top this morning, I am going to be land locked out here for a few days.

I am not upset. I could have a compression fracture of the spine.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Maybe your car went into a state of shock because YOU were washing it, should do it more often, good therapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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