Good morning!

6 am.

43 degrees!

I never remember it this cold in Key West! Even heard it mentioned just this moment on Morning Joe. They claimed 43 was the second coldest temperature in Key West in over 100 years.

I heard on TV yesterday that the last time it was this cold in the keys was 1898.

The high today will be 56.

Friday the temperature will return to the low 70s. For those of us who survive!

My Key West home sits on open water. The bedroom faces the northwest. The chilling wind is coming down on us from the northwest. At about 35 miles per hour.

I was out from late morning to early afternoon yesterday. My home is heated on the second floor where the bedrooms are located. When I returned, my bedroom was cold. The heat was running, but I could feel the wind and chill. I hopped in bed and got under the covers. No help.

The windows have wood shutters on the inside covering them. The shutters were closed.

The windows on my home are over 35 years old. I figured the wind was hitting just right and escaping into the house through a crack in a seal on one of them. So I decided to get a couple of towels and block the area where the upper and lower panes meet.

Good that I did! The lower pane on one of the windows had blown out and was lying against the closed shutter. The 35 mile per hour wind had blown the window out!

I was able to fix it. Handy me.

I spent the late morning yesterday at Lisa’s. Her home is in town. Situated between other houses. Reconstructed since Hurricane Wilma with insulation and new windows. No need for heat. Warm on its own.

I read the Sunday papers and played with Robert and Ally. I love them. They love me. It is shouts of hello Poppa! and we love you Poppa!

Then to Don’s Place for a golf league meeting and pro football. Don is starting a golf league. I wish I had a video to record the meeting. The pictures and comments had the makings for a TV show.

The big issue was how to handle bunker shots. The sand traps are not the best here. Play them as they lie or rake and drop? The rake and drop would apply to all shots, including an imbedded fried egg lie. The issue commanded most of the meeting. I still am not sure of the final decision.

I did not stay for football. Too cold. Went home to my warm bedroom and bed. Where I discovered the window disaster.

Last night it was Outbacks for dinner. I am still on my diet. Outbacks has a 6 ounce sirloin. Just the right size. I enjoyed my meal and watched the end of the Green Bay/Arizona game on TV.

I was back home in bed before 8. Snuggled under the blankets watching TV till I fell asleep.

I have a doctor’s visit today at 9:30. After which I have no idea how I shall spend the day.

Enjoy your day!

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