What a lovely Sunday morning!

It is 48 degrees! The wind is blowing at 30 miles per hour! And there is a wind chill warning till 10 am!

Son in law Corey has lived in Key West more than 25 years. He says he can remember only one other time when the temperature was in the 40s. And he cannot remember it being this cold for such a long period of time.

Such is life!

I finished Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue. I am prepared to render my opinion as to her.

She’s nuts! A looney!

Please note that I reserved opinion till I finished the book.

During the campaign, I could not believe she was not that bright. I felt sorry for her. Also I believe the media was in her case and is generally unfairly hard on female political candidates.

Her book gave me the opportunity hopefully to know her better. It’s her book. She purportedly wrote it. Though that turned out to not be true. Whatever, it is her story as presented by her.

In reality, it is what she wants us to believe her to be. Not what she is.

As I was reading the book, I commented that Palin was every woman. The All American woman. The type that every woman either is or aspires to be.

Initially the further I got into her book, the more impressed I was becoming. She could handle anything and everything. Disasters were nothing to her. She would just take her kids in tow and move forward.

Most women are like that. They are tough. They are resourceful. They get knocked down and get up and move on.

With one difference. Other women admit to their failings. What caused them to fall. Palin does not. It always seems to be some one else’s fault.

To understand clearly what I am describing, read Mika Brzezinski’s All Things At Once which just came out. Mika is a success in the media world. But wow! did she screw up in reaching the high rungs on the ladder of success. And she admits to it.

Is Sarah Palin truly popular? She draws crowds where ever she speaks. She is allegedly receiving $75,000 per speech. Her book was #1 on the best seller list before it even hit the stores.

Or is it she is an odd ball that the public finds entertaining?

I had not finished her book prior to my recent trip to upstate New York. So I purchased the book. Figured I would finish it while flying.

Glad I did!

Normally I do not let people observe the cover of a book I am reading. It is a personal thing. However the situation changed on my first plane out of Key West. I was fortunate to fly big planes the whole trip.

I was sitting on the aisle. I dropped the book on my seat while I placed my brief case in the over head bin. The woman sitting next to me asked what I thought of Palin. I said I had not made up my mind yet. She said she’s nuts. The gentleman sitting next to her by the window said she’s stupid.

I exhibited the book cover intentionally on the rest of my flights and in the airports. The results were always the same. People asked or commented. About 30 in all. Mostly women.

Not one liked Palin nor had a good thing to say about her. I was shocked!

Most certainly no one wanted her as their President. Not qualified in the least was the general comment on that point.

I figure airplanes and airports provide a good cross section of the American public. Based on my experience, Sarah Palin should not go any where politically. However she will make a ton of money in the mean time. Such is the American way.

Right now she is catering big time to the religious right and the ultra conservative branch of the Republican Party. No sweat. That alone might get her a nomination but not win an election.

What does bother me is that the tea party group also like her. This is a growing unhappy vocal segment of the American population. If this group continues to grow and organizes, then Palin has the chance to become a danger. She is dangerous. Incompetence and ineptness is always dangerous, especially if it has the opportunity to lead a nation.

When Palin became Mayor of Wassila, the roads were unpaved. Muddy. She paved the roads. That and running for Vice President may be her high points in life! Let us hope they are.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Lou,
    I agree that Palin doesn't have a ton of qualifications to be President.

    However, the lack of qualifications didn't stop Obama from getting elected (unless you count being a smooth talker and being a community activist as qualifications).

    Neither Obama nor Palin (in some regards) is qualified to be President. However, I would vote for Palin because she is not a Socialist. She would not take our basic freedoms.

    Excuse the rant! I'm taking advantage of our freedom of speach while we still have that freedom.

  2. At least Obama has some intellect and surrounds himself by smart, progressive thinking individuals. Something the religi-ouso right does not seem to care for, which leads me to believe the hard right has some similar qualities to todays radical Muslim groups. (that should get some blood boiling!)

  3. Yes, Obama has intellect. This intellect, however, has been
    influenced and guided (more correctly, mis-guided) by radical and socialist teachers and associates (i.e. your "progressive thinking individuals").

    What's wrong with being religious? Check your US coins and bills : "In God We Trust".

    Obama and our country would be far better off if he surrounded himself with intellects that believe in the values and government that made America great, instead of someone like Obama who apologies for every thing that made us great.

    God bless America and people like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Sean Hannity who love our religious contry and want to see our greatness continued (without passing on a bankrupt country to our grandkids).

    That should get some blood boiling!!

  4. I agree! The teapot (and our patriot's blood) is starting to boil. Very soon the tea pot will be whistling and the 2010 elections will reverse the Obama wrongs. God Bless America!

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