The weather is the issue of the day! Every day lately!

This is Key West. Island of sun. Balmy weather location.

Not today. Not yesterday. And not tomorrow.

The high today will be 57. Tonight it will drop to 47. Wow! And so on till Friday.

I do not remember it ever being so cold so long.

Screwy weather, though. Yesterday it hit 74 degrees! You explain it!

Humans are not the only ones suffering from the cold. So too are some of our fish/animal friends.

Manitees have been dying big time in recent days in the entire State of Florida. Over 300. The primary cause is boat motors in marinas. However a significant number are dying from the unusually cold water.

Also with turtles. Over 60 recently rose to the surface and could not function. The cold water screwed them up internally. Those that could were captured and wrapped in blankets. Then taken to the Turtle Hospital.

Iguanas are dying also. They are a cold blooded animal that require the heat of the sun.

I feel bad for the manitees and turtles. The iguanas are another story. They eat flowers and shrubs and deficate all over one’s property.

I had an unusual experience while flying Syracuse to Key West Thursday. 3 planes. The situation was the same on each.

Announcements were made while boarding and by the attendants once on the plane to place only one bag in the bins and anything else under the seat in front of you. That included your coat or jacket. It was clearly spelled out that the overhead bins were only for luggage.

I am a hard head. I put my brief case and leather jacket in the overhead bin. I need the room under the seat in front of me for my long legs. And I do not want my jacket lying on a dirty floor. Simple!

No one chastised me or made me comply.

I suspect the reason for this new rule is the fact that airlines now charge for luggage checked. I was flying US Airlines. $25 for the first bag. Most people are probably carrying their luggage on to save the $25.

It is a self created airline problem. Stop the greed. Don’t charge for the checked bag. And everything will return to normal.

My first stop yesterday during the day was Don’s Place. I was looking for Don. No Don.

Then to the Coffee House. Read the local and New York papers. Quiet and comforting. There are fewer people in town.

I had a bit of grocery shopping to do. Not much. 3 items. I am still on my diet.

Speaking of the diet, I cheated during the 4 days up north. It was too difficult to diet. I lucked out, however. Did not gain one pound! I am back on the diet. Started again yesterday. Still at 20 pounds. Ten more to go.

The Chart Room was my first stop last night. Busy. Chatted with Valerie. Valerie is the bar maid at Hot Tin Roof. It was her night off. She is wife to Clayton also. We talked about their new tee shirt business Dirty Dog Tees which is up and running.

I went over to La Trattoria for dinner. Beecha greeted me. How thin you are, she said! Made my evening!

Erin bartending. I ate 4 scallops and half of a tomato. Stuck with the diet!

Key West Lou radio show next thursday on KONK 1680 AM at 1 pm. Listen in. You can watch and hear at the same time on the internet anywhere world wide at

Some one asked if the shows are archived. Not yet, though management has it in the works.

It is gray out. No sun yet. Maybe no sun all day. The wind is blowing big time from the north. Bending the palm trees. Causing white caps in the water. It’s a long john day!

Keep warm where ever you are and enjoy your day!

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